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Harrogate Hospital..anyone got any experiences?

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GeneralDisarray Sat 30-Jul-11 00:23:04

Expecting first little one in September and haven't heard much good or bad about the delivery ward/postnatal at Harrogate (where we are) - anyone out there with tips or experiences?

JenniL1977 Sat 30-Jul-11 00:32:32

Hello Disarray,
I'm in Harrogate and due in two weeks, so we're not so far apart!
I'm planning a homebirth, but if you call the antenatal ward they'll give you a tour of all the facilities. When I've been in for check ups it's been really clean and as far as I can tell the wing is pretty newly built/refurbished.
I haven't heard anything shocking about postnatal either, all the midwives I've had have been awesome, and I (so far) can't fault the care I've had while pg here.
It's my first baby so don't have any actual experience though.
Let me know if you want any details of meet-ups/ bf groups etc, there seems to be a lot going on round here.
Maybe see you around ;)

Zuzi Mon 01-Aug-11 10:48:53

I had two babies in Harrogate, cannot say anything negative. First baby 5 years ago, lovely waterbirth, gentle and very understanding midwife. Second 2 years ago - very quick delivery so not much to report. Had to stay in hospital a week both times due to babies needing phototherapy (jaundice), so spent quite a long time on the post natal ward. Again, a lot of help with b/feeding (needed it first time round a lot!), midwives lovely and they even have a day room + conservatory which was actually nice having been in for a week each time. Good luck ladies!
Now expecting 3rd baby, but would really really love to have a homebirth.

GeneralDisarray Tue 02-Aug-11 20:06:18

Thanks - lovely to hear nice things about a postnatal ward when you hear so many horror stories!! Good luck with 3rd little one Zuzi if I have any more I would love a homebirth but not quite brave enough first time round..good luck to you both!!

Four4me Tue 02-Aug-11 21:59:47

I have had dc 1, 2 and 4 in Harrogate District and had super care. Dc1 was on scbu there and the staff were amazing. Dc3 was a planned home birth delivered by one of HDH midwifes. Where I live I had the option of harrogate, York or northallerton. They are all good units, we are lucky. I have worked in all three, (I am a physiotherapist) and I picked HDH!

Good luck to you all!

jenna13 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:25:49


i gave birth at harrogate 3 weeks ago. It was really quiet when i was there, for most of my labor i was the only woman giving birth, all the care was really really good, there was only one midwife on the post natal ward who was a bit grumpy and i only saw her the once, everyone else was fantastic, loads of help breastfeeding, someone always came literally as soon as i pressed the buzzer. really can't complain about any of the care and my birth was quite difficult, think i'm going to send them some flowers or biscuits actually :D

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