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38dd before I was pregnant 40f at 33 weeks how much bigger will they be when the milk comes in?

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licoriceGreen Fri 29-Jul-11 20:52:32

all in the title really I want to get a nursing bra so I'm ready and I'm trying To work out what size I'll need. Someone said 2-3 cup sizes but I thought (hoped) that it might be less if you're already big up top? Has anyone got any experience?

Scaredycat3000 Fri 29-Jul-11 21:19:15

You're not going to like this.
I was a 32f until I became pregnant and quickly became a 34hh. They were measured by Bravissimo at 38 weeks, but got no bigger and stayed. Get yourself to Bravissimo or a good independent shop for a fitting at 38 weeks. Only problem is the Bravissimo range of nursing bras is pants. Also NCT will come to your home for a fitting soon after birth (I believe).
You can now get some good underwired bras that, so long as they fit correctly I would highly recommend, start with figleaves, but goggle for better prices. Decent support and lack of a mono boob makes you feel so much more human.

licoriceGreen Fri 29-Jul-11 21:32:50

Thanks scardey I was told that the get bigger after you give birth but it's good to hear that's not always the case. I was really hoping that they'd go back down after but if not then its a great excuse to buy new undies. I'll go get measured nearer the time.

titferbrains Fri 29-Jul-11 21:38:02

I have (incredibly expensive) anita bras which are underwired, give great support and gave me a bit of room to grow even tho they fit me well.

I would recommend this brand as the fabric is excellent and they are very well made. I had some cheaper cotton ones from bravissimo that were not underwired and I wore them to death - put one on earlier in this pg and was horrified by the dreadful shape they gave me!

REally worth the investment. Saying that, I am now 32 wks and am plannign to go back to check my anita bras are still fitting well and to check if I need anymore.

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