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V scared 10 weeks +2 I think my son has the parvovirus (slapped cheek)

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namechange100 Thu 28-Jul-11 20:34:54

I had a miscarriage last year, took almost a year to conceive again.

Been anxcious as symptons changed last week, had a scan at 9 weeks +2 and all was well.

Just woke from a nap and my DS has pinky cheeks and a faint rash on arms that shows up more in shower, so yes googled and I think its slapped cheek and read how this can cause MC in the first 20 weeks or complicatiosn that may lead to fetus needing a blood transfusion.

NHS websites says 60% adults have immunity but if you are pregnant around a child with this you need to get a blood test done and may need extra scans.

I know I need to get DS to doctors in am and I am in bits for things I dont know about, but I was just starting to relax even though mildly worried about nuchal scan in two weeks (Im 36) but day to day was starting to get feel better generally.

I am currently at my Mams 3 hours drive away from home/GP's/MW. Should I take my DS to local GP here or just get home.

Fed up I wanted this pregnancy and Ive done nothing but worry, be moody and feel sorry for myself.

lollystix Thu 28-Jul-11 21:17:14

Ok. First calm down. I do totally understand how you feel. I am pregs with ds4 and gave endured pregnancy through chicken pox, swine flu and only last week hand foot and mouth. It is SO worrying at the time. Call your mw in the morning. I did with mine and they contacted consultant for his view on what to do re blood tests(nothing is what was suggested). Also can u try as much as you can to get your mum to handle him. My MIL was shipped up and what will her and work I managed to avoid him for 3 days whilst it passed. What will be will be - u can't change anything. Try not to handle too much (not easy I know) and get the hand gel out. Call mw and get him to a doctor.

namechange100 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:23:31

Thanks lollystix, my you have had alot to get through, ive calmed down a bit now, I was just starting to accept the pg...

Anyway, if he has it they contagious for 7 to 28 days before rash appears so whilst Ill keep contact to a minimum I dont think it makes much difference now we've shared a bed the last two nights with being away, and juice bottles in the car and loads of kisses.

I will get DS to my mams GP and text my MW, though Im not sure she works Fridays, so may phone my GP if I dont get reply.

The thought of being going through a loss (as it is what it is and I know you cant do anything to stop a MC) isnt so much as what scares me at this point, its being back to square one again with TTC.

licoriceGreen Thu 28-Jul-11 21:29:14

I had issues with this too, once the rash has appeared then they are no longer contegious and if you had it before you can't catch it do maybe ask your mum? my midwife sent me for a blood test and told me to go to the docs if I started to feel unwell. I'd call your mw in the morning and if you're taking your son to the docs get a double appt to put your mind at rest.

lollystix Thu 28-Jul-11 21:33:32

It's unlikely the outcome will be bad. My dad had to take ds for the dr. Appointment last week as I had to get to work. He asked her about h,f&m and my pregnancy and she gave advice so your dr may help if mw not there. As u say, the damage would have been done if infectious before. Step away from google too - the Internet is dangerous place. Oh - also had very rare auto immune disease which require hospitalisation for 2 days (High chance of miscarriage apparently) and flu at 6 weeks (didn't know I was preg) and I'm still going. U will be ok. Good luck.

BranchingOut Thu 28-Jul-11 21:38:07

I have experience of this.

Many pregnant women find that, even if they are exposed to parvovirus, they have immunity to it through childhood exposure - so don't panic.

You need to have a dual blood test run:

1) to find out if you have immunity
2) to find out if you have signs of having recently had the illness yourself.

When I was pregant I had a situation where I was not only not immune, but I actually did contract the illness. I was asymptomatic, but the blood test showed it up. This meant that I was referred to consultant care and, via extra scans, they were able to check that my still pregnancy was progressing normally. I was scanned up until about week 32. Thankfully it was OK and my son was born healthily.

namechange100 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:59:05

Thanks for reassurances, I will be getting on the phone in the am.

I shall try to stay positive, Ive promised my DS funfair and beach tomorrow as even though he has the rash he is bouncing around the place! So will be brave for him, after GP visit of course.

I wont be able to get to my GP's until Monday as I am visiting at my Mams, it wont change the outcome anyway.

namechange100 Fri 29-Jul-11 08:42:09

Morning, just thought Id update - im feeling less scares now, as I thought it through and read your replies Im thinking I must have had it as I was a secondary teacher for over ten years, and come in contact with thousands of children in that time, so must must have had it, fingers crossed.

Thanks nearly nine so off to ring MW and GP

newartriotstar Fri 29-Jul-11 11:40:42

I had a scare with this recently too, a child in my class had it. They did a blood test on the day I went in and also retested my booking bloods. I got the results back in 4 days and was immune. Good luck!

namechange100 Sat 30-Jul-11 21:11:46

Thanks new

I am feeling very hopeful that I must be immune too after ten years in schools, i just must be, so ive stopped worrying.

DS went to GP most likely slapped face, he will be fine he said
I have appointment on Mon to get bloods done with my GP.

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