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Combining nhs and private care during pregnancy

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polarbear1 Wed 27-Jul-11 16:57:39

hi everyone,
I am 8 wks preg and decided to go with Kensington Wing for the maternity care under the obstretion led care with dr ayida. Just a question for those of you who went private - did you get all the blood tests and scans at private too? Or is it possible to have them at nhs and take in the results into mtgs with the private consultant to discuss? I am currently registered at c+w for nhs and not mtg my mw until later on in August.. I wonder if i should inform nhs that i have decided to go private or wait and do the scans/tests that i am booked to do on nhs first before informing them? I guess i will save some money in the case of the latter... Any thoughts appreciated! Thank you smile

9DonkeysAndABoy Wed 27-Jul-11 18:16:11

Hi, I am at KW as well, but only started there at 20 weeks as wasn't sure. I would use your own judgement as to how good the scans are etc. I thought my 12 week scan at UCH was excellent, 20 weeks soso. Midwives completely useless, so it's really up to you if you want to pay for the scans or not. I don't think it makes a huge price difference. Otherwise I did not think that midwife appointments were anything special. Although I am 34ish weeks and am only going to tell the NHS midwife I am going private tomorrow! You do automatically get NHS midwives and home visitors after the birth though.

HTH. Can't stand writing on the phone any more!

Beesok Wed 27-Jul-11 18:35:08

Just because you go private doesn't that you lose your entitlement on the NHS so they can't really refuse you care even if you tell them you are seeing a private consultant. I have an IM and have all my antenatal appts at home but am still giving birth on the NHS at UCH, she informed them that she took over my antenatal care and that didn't change anything re the care I got at my scans and blood tests. In fact, she told me to go in for a blood test at 28 weeks and I just scheduled it at reception no questions asked.
Re scans - I second *9Donkeys" my 12 wk scan at UCH was great, 20 wk was OK but I had a private one at 18 wks and if you're ever not happy with an NHS scan you can easily get a very good one done for around £200 at a reputable clinic and get a second opinion.
If you are not high risk and have no specific problems then having the standard scans and bloods on NHS makes sense and if there is a need your consultant will refer you for further tests. Also, bear in mind NHS are quite good as well as catching "issues" - I got an extra scan at 34 wks on the NHS because my placenta is low and they want to make sure it moves before the birth, so to recap use both resources smile

BagofHolly Wed 27-Jul-11 19:03:55

What Beesok said, totally. Also, many births are paid as a package so see what's included. Mine included necessary consultant apts, delivery and hospital stay and relevant postnatal care. All my antenatal stuff was done at my local teaching hospital, and much as I loved my private obstetrician, he was the first to admit that the centre for foetal medicine I attended was excellent and that he'd just fit around them. I took copies of all my notes, not just hand-held, so he knew exactly where we were up to.

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