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Oh bum, I think I've accidentally chucked out all my maternity clothes

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mistressploppy Wed 27-Jul-11 14:35:06

I can't find them anywhere and I've been all through the loft, under all the beds, through all the cupboards sad

I do remember having a massive throwing-out session and I've a nasty feeling they may have gone off to Oxfam by mistake.

Damn damn damn damn.

Someone help me philosophise my way out of this, please. I'll start....

1. DC2 is due in Feb. DC1 was born in October. So I'd need to buy winter stuff anyway, right?

Davinaaddict Wed 27-Jul-11 15:55:27

Yes - winter clothes required. Also a couple of other things:

1. You've helped to raise money for Oxfam by donating.
2. You've helped some pregnant ladies get some cheap maternity wear.
3. eBay had loads of new maternity clothes that were cheap as people usually over buy then don't get round to wearing it all.
4. You get to do more shopping grin


tigana Wed 27-Jul-11 16:01:33

mistressploppy I think we are in the same boat. my mat clothes from having ds have vanished <<puff of smoke>>. DC2 is due early Jan.

I have reasoned:
1- bet I have changed clothes size since then (it was 6 yrs ago)
2 - clothing styles have changed since then...
3 - it's not like i loved those mat clothes anyway, they were very 'needs must'

howabout Wed 27-Jul-11 17:08:05

I am 34 weeks and some of my normal clothes fit me better than the maternity efforts the shops produce these days. Also I didn't buy much actual maternity wear and what I did buy is not wearing very well. I had to rebuy as I thought I had finished having babies-oops!

A nice comfy jersey for winter will stretch surely, especially if your other half has one you could borrow.

mistressploppy Wed 27-Jul-11 19:28:55

Thanks folks, I feel a bit less stupid better now grin

titferbrains Wed 27-Jul-11 21:09:18

See if you have a children's FARA near you, ours sells maternity clothes and prams etc in the downstairs bit.

An excuse to buy some maternity wear that functions as nursing wear - I have bought one of these for when baby comes and I think it would work well for early stages of pregnancy.

Use it as an excuse to buy a fabulous coat. I love buying coats, I don't know why blush but have never needed a maternity one. Get something lovely and swingy.

Eviepoo Wed 27-Jul-11 22:03:34

howabout I'm with you.

OP - I have a few bits of maternity wear but TBH I am most comfy in non mat stuff and I have a BIG bump. Today I have on a stretch jersey full length skirt I've had for years from M&S and a stretch jersey T-shirt 2 sizes too big from Primark. Yesterrday I had a 1 size too big stretch jersey maxi dress from peacocks. For work I have been wearing Asda, strech jersey black wide leg trousers in a size too big (then when I got bigger I went and got another pair the next size up again, could not reccomend them more - from the MODA range). All way nicer and way cheaper and comfier than some of my maternity clothes. Especially the jeans, underbump maternity jeans should be banned as the most useless uncomfortable items ever sold.
If you normally wear a size 14 - I'll post you the trousers etc when I'm done!! (not planning any more babies now and at 36+3 not long to go for me)

mistressploppy Wed 27-Jul-11 22:17:38

Bless you, Eviepoo, how nice of you! I'm a bit of a giant - 5'11" and a size 16/18 at the moment (lard, not bump sadly), but thank you for the offer!

What a good idea to buy nursing tops, they'll last a bit longer anyway. I think I probably bought a load of extraneous gubbins last time (first pregnancy) so I might at least be a bit more streamlined in my purchases this time....

Eviepoo Wed 27-Jul-11 22:35:52

Ah - I'm 5'4'' ....I'm wishing I was taller, although Imagining you in my clothes at your height does raise a smile smile

Scary thing is my DD will be 12 in October....she is about 1cm shorter than me now.

I have such a large bump (and GD) that I had a growth scan, head and tummy measurements were average, they did not try take a length measurement but anyone could see that DC2 was well curled up,

I'm guessing this one will be lean and lanky like his/her big sister. Oh what fun...DD ad DH already tease me by calling me centremetre legs because I can't keep up with them..

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