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Midwife booking in appointment

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babydust27 Wed 27-Jul-11 09:20:48

Ive got my booking in appointment today at 2pm, what should i expect and are there any questions that i should ask?


IvyAndGold Wed 27-Jul-11 09:35:29

I just remember lots of questions! About my health, DP's health, our lifestyle (smoking etc) both of our parent's and sibling's health, any problems with any of my DM's pregnancies, they might sort out a date for your dating scan too smile Will probably do your blood pressure too, maybe a pee sample, but you'll most likely have to do those at every check.

You can ask anything! Options for home birth if you want one, pain relief that will be available (this is where I found out that the only hospital within reach only did gas and air, gah!) umm... if you're unsure of foods you can't eat you can ask about those... anything you're worried/confused/unsure about!

BikeRunSki Wed 27-Jul-11 09:39:41

Pretty much what Ivy has said above.

kri5ty Wed 27-Jul-11 09:51:11

They filled out my pregnancy notes with me, went through my medical history, took bloods, blood preassure, weight/ height, urine sample

They gave me my scan date, and as i am consultant led they booked me in to see a consultant

You get loads of info and leaflets, about screening tests/ breast feeding, ante natal care etc

I was also given a my 1st bounty pack (a pack with free samples in)
And they went through with me when i would see the midwives from now on etc etc

And i agree... ask anything! The first thing i asked about was foods i couldn't eat, and also how i actually made an appointment with the midwife/ booked on to a maternity unit tour as i didnt know!

ShowOfHands Wed 27-Jul-11 09:54:38

Your mind might be a blank at the end. It's a LONG appointment. They will go through everything with you, ask a LOT of questions, fill in many forms, chuck a million leaflets at you. Some places do bloods there and then, some don't but they should check your bp, height and weight.

You'll be given schedules for appointments, relevant contact info, info about what to eat and not eat etc.

They won't talk about things like birth and pain relief etc yet. You'll be feeling hot and drained if your surgery's anything like ours and will be happy to leave it for another day.

IvyAndGold Wed 27-Jul-11 09:56:30

Oh god, the leaflets. Sooo many leaflets. Take a suitcase grin

ShowOfHands Wed 27-Jul-11 10:01:55

And don't be alarmed by the domestic violence and 'are you and your dh related by blood' questions. They ask everybody. They're not implying anything. grin

Cattleprod Wed 27-Jul-11 10:10:54

It would be a good idea before you go to make sure you know as much as you can about your and your DP's family medical history.

Have any of them had major illnesses - cancer, diabetes etc.
Any conditions or disabilities that might be hereditary
Any problems with pregnancy and birth
Have you had your immunisations - rubella etc.
Childhood illnesses

babydust27 Wed 27-Jul-11 10:36:49

thanks everyone thats given me a good idea of what to expect and also to get a longer car parking ticket than normal!!

Theres a few things im going to ask about hospital choices as i had a major knee operation last year and cant bend my leg enough to be able to kneel or squat etc so i want to make sure the hospital knows all of this before they try and get me into funny positions!

Im hoping to get my scan date today which would be really exciting! Its suddenly hit me today that we are actually going to be having a baby in March!

kri5ty Wed 27-Jul-11 10:42:08

awww babydust congrats grin its so overwhelming (spelt wrong... baby brain) isn't it!! I fill up thinking about it!!!

yes the the MW about your op... it should all get written in your notes( there is a section about past operations).. if not you can always write about it on a seperate piece of paper, and explain your limitations etc, and stick this in your notes next to the medical history page. thats what i did, so i made it clear what my limitations were, and how certain things will effect me smile

IvyAndGold Wed 27-Jul-11 11:04:20

Aww, bless grin You wait til you see your little bean on the first scan! Even my no-very-emotional DP had 'something in his eye'! wink

babydust27 Wed 27-Jul-11 11:09:28

Im 7+5 today so it should only be another 4 weeks until my scan!!

DP +I did look into a private early scan but we decided that since i have had no problems that the £120 would be better spent when we go to kiddicare in october!!

kri5ty Wed 27-Jul-11 11:11:12

a very good idea!!

It is a lonnng wait... (even longer to your 20 week) lol
But i totally agree, if you are having no problems then its best to try and wait.. or save the pennies for a 3d scan around 28-30 weeks!!

ITryToBeZenBut Wed 27-Jul-11 11:11:36

Enjoy - I had mine yesterday (am 10+5) and the midwife was lovely. Had to give a sample so drink some water before going. Took 90 mins - the letter said 60. Filled in forms, forms, more forms about previous history mainly, collected the reams of leaflets and booklets people mentioned. Gave some bloods for testing.

Tip : Take a pen - will speed things up if you can both be filling in things at the same time.

No freebies though. What is this Bounty stuff people are talking about? Been reading about the Bounty Lady in some on the post-natal posts. Do we get free chocolate? I'd have considered having a baby before now had I known grin Last time I got free chocolate I had to run the London marathon in exchange.

kri5ty Wed 27-Jul-11 11:15:10

haha noooo free choccy im afraid, its things like sudocream etc... register with them... some people get it at their scan rather than booking in x

ITryToBeZenBut Wed 27-Jul-11 14:08:47

Awwww shame that I'llneed to buy my own bounty's but any freebie is good grin

Thanks for the link Kri5ty

notcitrus Wed 27-Jul-11 14:26:43

Pick up a copy of the free mags they have - Mum Plus One and some other one - pretty good info and one of them has a voucher for free nappies. Also if you're willing to sell your soul to mailing lists, you can get lots of other cheap/free stuff.
The actual Bounty pack... well my MW last time said 'don't get too excited, the most useful bit is the plastic folder for keeping your notes in'! This time it was all leaflets without any freebies except 2 teabags!!

Double check all the info is being entered correctly - last time I'd already had bloods done but luckily noticed on my notes there were someone else's blood results (wrong group).

They should tell you where and when your future appts will be (and if you have to book some yourself with your GP service), and talk to you about scans etc.

Oddly, they aren't interested in where you want to give birth or the actual birth until the 36 week appt, but useful to get any preferences noted before that.

WeGotThere Wed 27-Jul-11 17:09:30

Hi ladies, did you take your DP's with you? Mine is in a week and a half and we are trying to decide whether it is worth him taking time off work?

IvyAndGold Wed 27-Jul-11 17:22:41

DP came with to make sure that all the family medical history was accounted for and correct, and there were a couple of questions that he wanted to ask. He knew better to get me to ask, my memory is terrible! grin

Graciescotland Wed 27-Jul-11 17:22:51

WeGotThere I took DH with me which was nice when it came to answering some of the questions but it's probably not necessary. If the waiting room is anything to go by about half had brought their partners.

notcitrus Wed 27-Jul-11 18:52:45

DH came to my 20 week scan but nothing else.
He's planning to come to my 12-week one too this time. I've not seen any blokes in the antenatal appt waiting area except a couple looking after other children.

NorthernGirlie Thu 28-Jul-11 09:09:40

Hi ladies

Not had my booking in appointment yet - I'm 8 weeks today but am away for a few weeks from 2m so won't see mw 'till we get back when I'll be just over 11 weeks.

Posssibly a bit of a tip though (from me, a complete novice - haha!!) - my doctor's receptionist gave me the notes pack at my DR appointment - means I've been able to fill in all the boring stuff (name/address/DOB etc on a million different sheets of paper) at home which will hopefully free up lots of time at the actual mw appointment which means more time for me to ask questions etc - maybe you could ring and ask / nip down and pick up a pack to make it easier on the day??smile xx

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