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Anyone got a really good hospital bag list?

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SoBroken Wed 27-Jul-11 08:48:17

I had a great one included with my notes last time, but I've moved to a different area and didn't get one this time.

Anyone got a good one they can share, or point me in the right direction of one on a website? I'm almost 35 weeks and should probably be thinking about it!


Rootatoot Wed 27-Jul-11 10:06:27

Yep, there was a really good thread on here a few weeks ago. I found it v helpful. Mine is all packed and ready!

SoBroken Wed 27-Jul-11 12:00:09

Fantastic, thank you! Should have searched but I just can't work that bit on my phone!

jimmijam Fri 29-Jul-11 21:16:34

not sure how good anyone else would find it. but this is my hospital list 4 baby #3
labour-lip balm, snacks and drinks (cereal bars and squash), mp3 player, hair tie. tens machine, camera, mobile, list of phone numbers (incase no phone reception etc), nightee/old t-shirt, socks, towel (for the bath straight after). babies 1st outfit, nappy, hat, mittens, cardi. afterbag. knickers, socks, slippers, pjs/nightee, dressing gown, nursing bra, breast pads, t-shirts, 2 pairs trousers (leakages), jumper, toothbrush and paste, maternity pads, hairbrush, shampoo, soap. pack nappie, wipes, shampoo/wash, going home outfit, sleepsuits, vests, jacket, blanket (long journey home), muslin cloths, mittens, towel.

amounts 2 pack depend on type of birth/how long u expect to b in 4. i will also be packing a small back with extra sleepsuits/clothes 4 me incase of c-section as dh can take them in after

anniroc Fri 29-Jul-11 21:30:52

Big packs of wine gums and jelly babies. For you to eat during/post labour and also to bribe hospital staff with!!

woowa Fri 29-Jul-11 21:36:05

Having done it once (badly!), take ONE bag with compartments for baby, and for you. I ended up with three bags and it was a nightmare trying to find anything with severe anaemia and no sleep. I will get a better bag this time!

Sl1nkyMalinki Fri 29-Jul-11 21:52:30

ok, this is the longest post I have ever done! But this was my list with both dc. I do LOVE a list though smile

I have put them as seperate bags on the list but I only took the one holdall with me very carefully sectioned and just a carrier bag with my labour stuff in. I used the cd player with dc1 but only remembered I had the thing after dc2 was born so listened to the radio all night. Lovely it was. Oh and the straws are to stick in the bottled water if you don't get a sports cap bottle.

Labour Bag - Me
vest top & yoga pants to wear to hosp
hospital notes
birth plan
TENS machine
Vaseline tin
Portable radio/cd player
bottled water
sweets, i.e jelly babies
lucozade sport
old nightie
slipper socks

Labour Bag – the other half
Clean T shirt
Clean boxers

Post Labour Bag
change for machines
Pads (loads)
Brush & Comb
Anti bac hand gel
dressing gown
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Shower gel
shampoo & conditioner
haIR towel & bath towel
cleanser & moisturiser
Aveeno cream
glasses & contacts
nursing bra
clean knickers
shoes/flip flops
leggings, t shirt dress, cardie/wrap for going home

Mini's Bag
Nappy sacks
muslin squares
Cotton wool balls
scratch mitts
neutral outfit for going home
pink outfit for going home just in case

jimmijam Sat 30-Jul-11 21:02:47

oooh yes i forgot to put change. and make sure theres plenty in the car for (expensive) parking.
student midwife suggested to me yesterday-lucozade

ooh and it may be worth taking urine pot (filled) too, you'll prob b in more pain when u get there than when u leave and perhaps feel more comfortable filling it at home. they're bound to ask 4 a sample soon after u get there

PinkFondantFancy Sun 31-Jul-11 07:40:54

Ooh thanks for starting this-have started putting some stuff together but the pile looks huge, ESP with a towel in it.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Sun 31-Jul-11 07:43:25

My advice, two bags, one for labour and straight after birth and one for if you have to stay in. The second can be left in the car and dp can collect if needed.

I always tell people to take flash wipes wink

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