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Anyone else too knackered to work?

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notcitrus Tue 26-Jul-11 17:47:19

10 weeks with dc2, and falling asleep all the time.
Tiredness was my main symptom of pregnancy last time - I had a week off sick around this time thinking I had flu, and ended up taking leave so I was only working 3 days a week for about 5 months, and in fact doing precious little at all - I was having two-hour naps in the rest room at work but it didn't help. Even my boss would take one look at me when I got in in the morning and say "God, you look like shit. Go home! Er... let's rephrase that..." It didn't get any better until around 6 months - when I couldn't walk...

This time round it's nearly as bad, with added nausea. And my work don't have a rest room any more. I lay down in a toilet cubicle but after an hour or so it was really sore (stone floor) and I found that they've cut costs by not having anyone sweep the floors any more and had dust and hair all over. I'm supposed to be working from home but I honestly can't sit up to do anything and I can't think straight to write a document.

Anyone else had this? I've got six months work to go and I can't see how to cope.
And I'm not anaemic, eat loads of protein, etc.

LearningFast Tue 26-Jul-11 18:12:48

Hi notcitrus,

I felt like this in the first trimester. There were days when I couldn't manage the whole of the 75 minute drive to work in one go, and I had to stop and nap in the car en-route just to get there safely - quite worrying! I remember a very similar experience to the one you describe, when I was so desperate I lay down on the floor in the disabled loo at work as there was nowhere else to go.

Like you I am not anaemic (my midwife says my iron levels are higher than hers) and thankfully the tiredness did go away throughout the second trimester and for a while into the third. Now I'm 35+ weeks and feeling very tired again so have to make sure I get enough sleep (more than usual) and am also taking naps during the day if I feel like it.

Thankfully DH is being lovely about this and I don't have other small children to look after - hats off to you ladies with toddlers!

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