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Am I possibly starting with early/slow labour? I'm 35 weeks

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Pudding2be Tue 26-Jul-11 17:42:57

I've been getting back ache and period type pains since Friday. They slowly got worse by Sunday, and I have been getting tightenings too.

I went to the Mau to get checked out on Sunday. My bp is fine, I hadn't had any loss down below and baby's heartbeat and movement is fine grin. Although they did find traces of blood in my water, so I'm on antibiotics just in case it's a UTI.

The midwife wanted the doc to check me out before I left, so I had a scan (baby has moved from transverse to head down) and an internal. My cervix wax posterior so she was happy I wasn't going into labour. I also had steroids as a precaution to mature the baby's lungs.

The thing is since yesterday I have lost some brown blood (sorry TMI). It's not much and when the midwife checked it out last night she wasn't concerned. At first I thought it was the internal, but I had a little loss again this afternoon. Plus the pains aren't going either, and I feel under the weather.

Could this be the start?

Pudding2be Tue 26-Jul-11 21:27:59


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