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Warning signs? Or will it pass?

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magicmelons Tue 26-Jul-11 16:08:31

I'm not sure how normal this is so maybe somebody can tell me, this is my 3rd baby, I had Pnd after dc1 although at the time had little insight. This week I had a bit of a blue with dh he wasn't particularly nice but it hit me really hard now despite everything being worked out I seem to have sunk into a depression. I feel so tearful that i don't want anyone to talk to me as it sets me off crying, I feel really vulnerable and insecure, should alarm bells be ringing about depression, I honestly have nothing to be down about but feel dreadful. So my question is, is this normal hormonal behaviour and will it just pass. I remember being a little tearful with my first but not like this. I'm 23 weeks.

Renaissance227 Tue 26-Jul-11 16:12:40

I'm 27+2 and very often have "crying days"/down days where I cry over anything and feel that my world is in turmoil even though it's not!!
Sounds perfectly normal to me.

KatyN Tue 26-Jul-11 16:14:35

I have depression.. have for 15 years. I am currently very tearful and grumpy as I seem to spend my whole time sleeping or drinking gaviscon. I'm 24 weeks. However I know this isn't depression as it manifests itself differently for me.
I would suggest you go see your GP, they will have a feel for how long you should feel 'a bit down' before you need more help.
good luck,

magicmelons Tue 26-Jul-11 16:28:02

Thank you, I have mw appt in a week so perhaps if I still feel so bad I should mention it to her. It's so horrible to not feel in control, I'm usually very capable and sociable and I feel neither. I also forgot to pick my oldest dc up the other day in fact I can almost pinpoint the start of it to that. I'm going on to work everyday and there is a list of stupid mistakes I've made. I've completely lost my appetite.

I'm hoping it's just a blip week but I'd forgotten just how awful it is to feel like this and it makes me worried about how I'll feel when the baby is born, I wouldn't want to go through Pnd again, input last time down to my circumstances and being a first time mum.

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