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steph01 Tue 26-Jul-11 13:50:26

Went to the dentist today half way through a filling got really hot and felt really sick and sweaty had to stand by the window to get some cold air, happened twice, think my dentist thinks im mental!!
HELP blush

Cattleprod Tue 26-Jul-11 13:53:57

Were you flat on your back? Next time get the dentist to put the couch in a more sitting up position with your head tilted back.

TimeWasting Tue 26-Jul-11 13:55:40

I gag much more easily and can quickly feel sick now I'm pregnany. Things that wouldn't bother me at all normally have me gipping now. It's v. annoying.

steph01 Tue 26-Jul-11 13:55:47

yeah i was laying right back, does that make a difference then?

Kathygirl Tue 26-Jul-11 13:59:25

I hate the dentist also, not just u lol

Cattleprod Tue 26-Jul-11 14:02:13

Depending on how many weeks preg you are and how big the baby is, it can press on the large blood vessels in your abdomen and make you feel sick and dizzy.

steph01 Tue 26-Jul-11 14:04:58

im 26 weeks today. thats good to know thank you x

Renaissance227 Tue 26-Jul-11 14:06:30

I get that feeling quite a bit and not when I'm on my back. Don't really understand it!
Sorry I'm not much help!

steph01 Tue 26-Jul-11 14:17:42

no its nice to know im not alone. wasnt quite sure what was happening and couldn't stop it either.

HPonEverything Tue 26-Jul-11 14:34:24

After my last appt (when I was < 3 months) I was ok, but the dental receptionist made my next appt for the week before I am due!! I told her this and she just laughed and put it in the computer anyway. I insisted I really was pg but still waiting for my prescription card thingy and she stood up, peered over the counter at my stomach, and gave me a look like hmm. Why would I lie?!

Anyway it could be interesting...

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