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spatone for low iron - take alongside iron tablets or instead of?

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titferbrains Tue 26-Jul-11 08:05:05

My iron is 10.2 so I need to pick up iron tablets prescription. Just read on here that Spatone is better - should I take it with the iron tabs or instead of?

Will be taking the opportunity to eat some nice steak too.... with a nice big glass of fruit juice obv!

rubytuesday11 Tue 26-Jul-11 08:22:56

Hi titfer brains, when my iron was low I was taking floradix (another liquid iron similiar to spatone, but sold already in the liquid.) The doctor said it was ok to take with the pills, and I did this till my iron had risen and then cut back on the supplements, probably best to check with your midwife/doc if this is ok first though!

titferbrains Tue 26-Jul-11 08:26:14

omg am so fed up of talking to doctors, but yes will check with them tmw. Just wish I had a direct line to someone who would answer my questions quickly and sensibly. Anyway will check out iron supp in liquid form today and see what boots say also.

RamblingRosa Tue 26-Jul-11 08:36:41

Instead of. Take two sachets a day.

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