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Decorating the nursery?

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notlettingthefearshow Mon 25-Jul-11 23:40:05

We're getting the nursery decorated in Autumn, ready for baby's arrival at Xmas. Debating whether to go with a plain painted walls (pastel colour) with a babyish border or wall stickers, or full on kids' wallpaper. Any thoughts?

It's a large room and we already have pale blue curtains. I don't want it gender-specific (not until he/she's old enough to decide he/she loves fairies, trains etc!).

I know it's hardly a life/death decision, but I'd appreciate any advice! I'm new to choosing decor as it's my first house, at the tender age of 35! It's a lot of fun smile

louschmoo Tue 26-Jul-11 00:03:49

Hi, we've gone for 3 cream walls and then have wallpaper on one side of the room - we picked this one (we saw it in a John Lewis catalogue) and it looks lovely. We wanted something gender neutral but fun, and we figured with only one wall of paper it would be easy to paint over when the baby grows out of it. Plus it was cheaper!


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lalababy Tue 26-Jul-11 11:58:29

I am in the exact same situation.... just bought our first place... tender age of 33... deciding how to decorate the nursery for an Xmas baby!

I reckon avoid the kiddie wallpaper - you will probably spending quite a bit of time in the room and so the wallpaper might too much for you, plus - wall paper is always such a pain to remove when the ime comes to update.

Instead you could paint walls maybe a lavender, yellow or green - all cross-gender colours that would go with blue curtains. You could then jazz it up with either the sticker borders on edges or midwall. The other way to paint might be divide the walls and paint the bottom half and top half different colours.

You could do one feature wall. Another idea is to buy lots of cheap wooden frames (ikea) and put pictures for kiddie story books on the walls to make the room colourful. You can paint or buy all the frames in multicolours.

Hope that helps!

PrincessJenga Tue 26-Jul-11 12:07:55

We know we're expecting a boy so are able to decorate accordingly, but we've still gone quite neutral. Pale walls (varieties of white!) with paintings (done by very talented friends) and soft furnishings (made by me and my mum) to add detail/fun. That way we can change the theme / decor easily and cheaply as baby grows up (or if it turns out that the scan was wrong!)

benne81 Tue 26-Jul-11 12:11:12

We have gone for white walls with two large framed childrens posters - tintin and babar. Then as they grow or when we find out the sex we can change the pictures/decoration as we see fit without too much hassle. Personally I'm not a fan of teddies/childrens decoration particularly and we are definitely decorating the nursery to suit our own tastes rather than that of the newborn as lets face it - she/he won't even know what it looks like to start off with and definitely won't care!

notlettingthefearshow Wed 27-Jul-11 17:47:31

Thanks everyone, that's really useful advice. I think that was my gut feeling at first - keep the walls simple and accessorise with changeable accessories - but then I started looking at cutesy things and think the hormones went a bit beserk! We will stick with the plain pastel walls with pictures and maybe some wall stickers/borders. Ooh, it'll still be fun!

Firawla Wed 27-Jul-11 19:28:54

wall stickers are really good cos you can change them so easily, and there are loads of nice ones around

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