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One to one midwifery and does transferring care upset the hospital?

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Poweredbypepsi Mon 25-Jul-11 17:51:02

I have been told about a service in my area (merseyside) which seems to be a private company that works through the nhs and provides one to one midwives for antenatal appointments everything from scans to birth if you give birth either at home or at certain hospitals.

Only problem is that this is my 5th pregnancy and I have been high risk because of high blood pressure etc with all of the others. So it woukd be alot of hospital trips on top of the community side.

I did like the idea of seeing the same midwife simply because the pregnancies are so worrying because of what's gone on before but tbh what worries me most is that I transfer away from the hospital midwives (who I am currently under but am only 9 weeks now) to this one to one I wonder if when as I inevitably will be I get sent in to the hospital for bp probems later on will that put me at risk of being ignored or just make them a bit grumpy that I transferred away? I had my last baby there last year and to be Frank it was pretty dire imm not sure i could cope with it being much worse!

Has anyone used anything like this ? I have googled and it seems to be some sort of pilot scheme but that's all I can really find out about it.

What would you do? I am so torn between wanting to actually know the midwife (you never see the same one here all the appointments are in various places including a shopping centre it's very impersonal espcially if your worried etc) and not upsetting things for the actual birth.

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