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Possible leaking waters - can I wait until tomorrow for doc?

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vvviola Mon 25-Jul-11 17:24:24

I'm 34 & a bit weeks and have an ante-natal appointment (plus scan) tomorrow morning.

This evening I've been feeling that the discharge I've been having (which I am 99.9% sure is just late preg discharge - had similar on DD) has got more watery and seems to be more of it. I'm wondering if perhaps I have some leaking of waters - although I am up for confessing I have weak pelvic floor muscles...

On the off-chance that it is my waters leaking & there are no further changes (pain, temperature, bleeding etc etc ) can I safely wait until tomorrow's appointment rather than dashing off to the emergency maternity service (where finding someone who speaks my language may be hit & miss)? Or should I just head for the hospital & take my phrasebook?

Valiant1 Mon 25-Jul-11 18:20:20

with dd 6 years ago they left me tilll the next day but depends were you are some places say to come in perhaps ring them or your m/w and ask her

Imnotaslimjim Mon 25-Jul-11 18:23:38

I'm going to give the same advice for the 3rd time this week lol

Pop a pad on, and lie down with your feet raised for at least an hour. If, when you stand up you get a gush, its most likely waters and needs checking. If its a constant dampness its probably just discharge and can wait til tomorrow. I had to wear a full san pad towards the end of both my pregnancies, liners simply we'ren't big enough!

vvviola Mon 25-Jul-11 19:49:04

Thanks! No gushing after lying down, so for the moment I think I'll stay home unless there is any change. Any change and I'll risk the language fun & games of phoning the MWs (my doc is a native English speaker, but is unlikely to be available at this time of the evening)

Baby having a good wriggle right now - the little lie down must have made it wake up smile

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