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Pregnancy after a previous big baby.

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Kayzr Mon 25-Jul-11 14:25:11

We are soon going to be ttc. It'll be my 3rd baby and DP's 1st. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage. DS1 was 7lb 2oz and DS2 was 10lb 5oz.

I didn't have gestastinal diabetes with DS2 so I don't know why he was so big. He was born at home.

The reason I am asking is a few friends have said (not knowing we're planning on trying soon) that I will have to see a consultant every month, lots of extra scans and more than likely I will have to have a CS.

I don't really want those things to happen. I don't mind the scans but I've seen a consultant before due to XH having a disabilty and he said that all women should give birth in hospital on their backs with epidurals. I most certainly do not want a CS, I want another home birth if everything is well.

Has anyone had a big baby and then go on to have a vaginal birth?

Renaissance227 Mon 25-Jul-11 14:34:06

I'm not sure if this is a stupid question but why would you have to see a consultant every month have lots of extra scans and more than likely have to have a CS???
I don't get that!
One of my best friends had her first son in the hospital but vaginally with an epidural and he was 10lb 10oz and her second son was born the same way weighing 10lb 12oz!!
There should be no reason for a CS!!
Plus, I have to say that the consultant you saw sounds like a total idiot. Never heard one recommend an epidural for every pregnant woman and lying on your back throughout went out with the arc in the 70s/80s!!

Kayzr Mon 25-Jul-11 14:41:04

He was horrible. I saw him with both of the boys and he wanted to see my birth plan with DS1. He laughed when he saw that I put that I wanted to move around and try not to labour on my back.

I asked if I could see a different one with DS2 but he is the only one that covers my area without having to travel 45 minutes to the hospital.

I thought I may have a few extra scans to check on the babies size. I keep thinking that if I have done it once I can probably do it again.

Renaissance227 Mon 25-Jul-11 14:45:26

Of course you can do it again! You shouldn't need more scans but I'm sure this would be monitored towards the end of the pregnancy, possibly, if needed.
It's been proven that moving around during labour can actually speed things up and slightly ease the process.
Don't worry about possible problems yet. You never know, you might have a smaller baby next time. 10lbs 5oz is definitely NOT the biggest ever born vaginally!

Good luck and much fun with TTC!! wink

Kayzr Mon 25-Jul-11 14:58:29

Thank you. I think it will always be in my mind that I might have another big lump of a baby.

Mixitnow Mon 25-Jul-11 16:44:31

My first was 11 lb 2, I had gtt with the nxt two pg but didn't have gd, my 2 nd child was born naturally but early at 35 weeks, was due for another scan at 36 weeks to check weight other than that didn't have any extra appointments

MrsZB Mon 25-Jul-11 19:12:48

My DS was 10lbs 10oz and I had him by emcs. But no-one seemed concerned about his size and I was told I was a good candidate for a vbac.

I would have had a consultant appt at 34 weeks to talk about the vbac decision - but if I hadn't had an emcs first time I wouldn't have had this.

Now as it turns out I have gestational diabetes so lots more appts etc.

But what I am trying to say that, if I was in your position, in my area, I wouldn't have seen a consultant.

neverlookback Mon 25-Jul-11 21:17:12

Hi my ds was 10lb 3 he was induced at 42 weeks but i had him naturally with no stitches they said all sorts when i had him like they would induce me early etc with my next but im currently 36 weeks pg with my 3rd, they did put me under a consultant who i saw at about 18 week who said they would do the diabetes test which i dont have and keep an eye on measurments, but the baby is on the average line, im no where near as big as ds was and they have said i dont have to see any consultant again and ill just go into labour as normal, its been no differant really, unless they induce me a bit sooner this time if i go over?

LaGuerta Mon 25-Jul-11 21:23:54

Sounds like nonsense to me.

My first was 9lb13oz and was emcs, but due to malpresentation not his size.

With my second I had a successful quick and easy VBAC with no pain relief. My consultant got me to do a GTT test mid pregnancy just in case they had missed GD first time round. It was fine though. DS2 was a pound lighter than DS1 bucking the theory that each baby is bigger than the previous one. Good luck.

Cattleprod Mon 25-Jul-11 21:29:59

DS was 10lb 4oz, and the only extra thing I have to have this pregnancy is a glucose tolerance test to rule out gd. I am getting extra growth scans at 32 and 36 weeks, ironically because my bmi is low and they want to make sure the baby isn't too small!!

Continuum Mon 25-Jul-11 21:38:47

I had a c-section after two hours of pushing with ds who was over 12lb, he didn't come out cos his head was tilted back and to one side. I am 28 weeks and have had one consultant appointment so far and the next will be after a growth scan at 32 weeks, also had the GTT.

When I last saw the consultant it wasn't a given that this next one would be by c-section, though they would recommend it if he was measuring large. But I imagine if I'd birthed ds vaginally then it wouldn't be that much of an issue.

I remember the growth scan the first time when they expected ds to be around 10lbs the doctor said until a woman goes through it they don't know what they can or can't do. As you've already proved you can birth a larger baby then I don't see why a c-section should be on the cards at all.

Kayzr Mon 25-Jul-11 21:39:44

I never measured big for dates. So that worries me a bit too.

Kimmie30 Tue 26-Jul-11 09:50:40

Hey there,

Just thought i would share my story to see if it helps you. I had 2 children by a previous relationship before having a 3rd with my husband. My first DD was 7lb 11ozs and my second baby DS was 10lb!! I never measured big for dates and even had a growth scan at 38 wks and was told he would be no bigger than 8lb. Anyway i had an awful labour that did'nt progress well and then ended up with shoulder dystocia and a first degree tear!! Had to have physio for 18 months afterwards and DS was poorly at birth due to his traumatic arrival. So obviously when i met and married my husband and we decided we would like a child together you can imagine my panic!!! I was under consultant care for my third baby. Had extra scans and was told there was no reason why i would'nt have a normal vaginal birth. I still felt absolute fear but was told that as i was having a baby with a new partner it was like having a first baby again so it would not be likely that i would have a bigger baby than the last one. I had extra scans which they said baby would be no bigger than 7lb 4ozs. I don't know why they bother saying these things as they are always wrong. I just think they like to say the average weight all the time. Anyway DS wa born weighing 8lb 110zs. So much smaller and it was the easiest labour ever. Only 5.5 hours compared to the 22 hours before. Plus i did it all on gas and air instead of an epidural and only had 3 stiches where the old tear had opened a little bit. So there can be a positive after such a negative birth. I am now 25 weeks pregnant with baby no.4 and have been told he is chunky but not even going to bother asking for a growth scan as they seem to be so off the mark. I hope you get the labour and birth you want. Positive thoughts smile xxx

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