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in hospital, they think i might have pre eclampsia what's going on?

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SchrodingersMew Mon 25-Jul-11 12:55:24

Im sure a lot of you will have seen my previous threads and know that loads has been going on this pregnancy.
So i went to to the out of hours yesterday as i have an infection in a cut on my belly and as i was leaving the doctor noticed that my hands are very swollen and took my bp.
My bp was 140 and she thought this was high as its never been above 110. Also had 3 pulses of protein in my urine. They checked and there is no infection but said they are unsure about pre eclampsia as my bp isn't considered medically high.
Can anyone tell me what might be going on? I was admitted yesterday and still here.

SchrodingersMew Mon 25-Jul-11 13:00:36

Pluses not pulses. Silly phone!

otchayaniye Mon 25-Jul-11 13:06:11

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'd listen to what the consultant says and not ask (potentially worrying yourself) a bunch of strangers on the internet.

I really mean that nicely!

Am so sorry that you are going through this, but you are in the best place.

I had PE with my first and if you are under care you and the baby will be fine. She just may have to come out sooner (mine did at 36 weeks and was peachy!)

I'm being watched for PE this time, so I do understand the angst.

Good luck.

SchrodingersMew Mon 25-Jul-11 13:17:36

I know, im just so frustrated not knowing what is wrong with me. :-( the doctors don't seem to have any answers at the moment either.

Im glad everything worked out for you but the consultant scared me this this morning because said "if you do have pre eclampsia the only treatment is delivery." im only 29 week so that really scared me.

Sorry about the bad punctuation and such. Im on my phone.

NotFromConcentrate Mon 25-Jul-11 13:20:56

I agree with the previous poster re: listening to the consultant.

FWIW, how your BP relates to the medical 'norm' is neither here nor there; they will compare your current BP solely with your previous baseline measurements. For example, when i had PE my BP was textbook 'normal', but was more than 30mmHg higher than my baseline.

Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can smile

WillbeanChariot Mon 25-Jul-11 13:23:35

Hi there- I had a slightly similar experience- my BP wasn't that high but it was high for me and that is enough. They use your own baseline as the comparison. The protein is another sign. Have they done any blood tests? Have you had a scan?

I never developed full on PE myself but DS was delivered very early due to placenta problems, and if I had stayed PG I would have probably got PE.

I hope everything settles down but your LO has a great chance at 29 weeks if you do have to deliver. I wish you all the best.

AKMD Mon 25-Jul-11 13:30:57

I had PE and DS is absolutely fine (as am I!). The consultant is right that the only "cure" for pre-eclampsia is delivery of the baby, but unless you are having convulsions or similarly life-threatening symptoms they will leave you be for as long as possible. In my case, I was induced at 37+2, having been on BP meds and in hospital for a week.

I would ask your consultant for a list of symptoms to watch out for once you're discharged and what to do if you're experiencing them. You might also be asked to go in for regular growth scans as PE can affect the baby's growth (DS was perfectly formed but only 5lb 2oz, for example) and your BP and urine should be checked at least every week by either your consultant or your midwife. If you are concerned at any point for whatever reason, call your midwife or call the hospital. Get as much rest as you can, drink lots and try not to worry!

nickschick Mon 25-Jul-11 13:34:47

I had P.E almost 18 years ago I had swollen fingers and ankles and protein in my urine and my bp was very high.

As it was by the time they realised this i was overdue anyway hmm so they induced me after a day of bed rest.

I think depending on your length of pregnancy they will closely monitor you as you totally bedrest in hospital and either allow you to carry on but rest or they may well induce.

Its scarey and it all seems as though its taken control away from you,but ask the Dr all your questions and you will feel reassured.

Hope todays better for you and you feel a little less anxious.

nickschick Mon 25-Jul-11 13:36:10

Ohhhh I forgot to add (although im not sure of the truth in this) if youve eaten lots of sugary foods that can affect the ketones in the urine.

In my case Id eaten a huge dish of sugar puffs blush.

otchayaniye Mon 25-Jul-11 14:32:48

Good luck. They probably can't say because they haven't tested your urine and bloods and blood pressure (which as others say is important in and so far as it relates to your norm) for a long enough time. You need blood pressure checked over a fairly long period to get a decent true measure.

Oh, and yes, the only cure is delivery, but if your blood pressure can be managed by medication you should be able to go further along.

SchrodingersMew Mon 25-Jul-11 23:56:44

Thank you everyone for replying. smile

That's me just home, they were going to keep me in longer but agreed to just let me go to day care as they weren't actually even checking anything at night.

I have had my bloods done twice and they were normal, urine had protein in again though today but definitely no infection as it got sent off to the lab to get checked. BP seemed normalish again by tonight.
This morning it was 130 over something then by tonight it was down to 98/56 so back to normal for the moment.
I think they think I am starting to develop PE but obviously don't yet have it as my BP isn't really high. They also thought it was too early for it as I am only 29 weeks although I thought you could get it from 20 weeks. confused

I think I'm going to be getting checked in day care reguarly from now on.
Thank you everyone for posting as I was basically clueless about this.

HoneyDuke Tue 26-Jul-11 00:00:35

Read up on the other symptoms of pe and be aware of them. Apart from that try to rest!

otchayaniye Tue 26-Jul-11 08:03:17

If you get any vision disturbances, any sudden crucifying headaches or your face and extremities swell, go back straight away.

HoneyDuke Tue 26-Jul-11 08:13:17

also chest pain, nausea or vomiting.

SchrodingersMew Tue 26-Jul-11 11:35:14

Thanks I will.
Problem is though, the Doctor was explaining last night she was worried because I didn't recognize my symptoms.

See, I always still get sick and am still on anti emetics, I've always had really bad headaches and have always had chest pain. confused

I'm going to buy one of those BP monitors from the chemist and do it in the morning and at night just as a precaution.

WillbeanChariot Tue 26-Jul-11 14:30:03

Hi again. I'm sure you are anyway but make sure you monitor movements too, my not-quite-PE affected my son rather than me. Hope you have a nice dull rest of your pregnancy!

SchrodingersMew Tue 26-Jul-11 14:40:17

Thanks Willbean, was your Son okay? I hope he was. In the recent weeks I have posted a few times on here about movements and ended up being monitored daily for nearly a week with a couple of traces with funny bits and a scan where the sonographer really couldn't get him to move.

They have decided he is just a sleepy baby and doesn't move much so monitoring movements is hard because he'll have a day where he will be very active and then 3 after it where he will basically just sleep the whole time.

Went over to the chemist earlier to get my BP checked just to be on the safe side and it was 119/78. Mind I have no idea what that means now as the 119 doesn't seem to bad but the 78 is a fair bit higher.

It was 98/56 when I left last night and was told that was my BP back to normal. confused

WillbeanChariot Tue 26-Jul-11 21:17:40

He had a rough ride but he is going to be two next month and doing really well, thanks for asking. Hope everything settles down for you. if in doubt just get checked, I bet no one will mind. All the best.

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