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37 wks - big bump & baby but worried about bump hardness

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Boos75 Mon 25-Jul-11 08:44:36


I'm 37 wks on Weds with DC1 and have a large bump (was measuring 39 wks at my 36 wk appt) and been told it's a big baby. The last couple of days my bump's got really hard and it almost feels like I can touch the baby i.e. that's all that's filling the space. My bump has become much more pointy, especially when I wake up in the morning (I sleep on my left side).

I don't think it's Braxton Hicks unless they can last all day - it just feels like there's no room left in there and I've been worried there's no amniotic fluid, just baby (have not had any leaks as far as I know). Was also told last week that the baby is back to back, so not sure if that would make it seem more squashed?

I've still been having movements but much more subdued. I have a doppler at home that a friend leant me and I heard the heartbeat fine yesterday.

So I guess what I'm asking is those of you that have had big babies - is it normal for a bump to feel like this at this late stage? Is it also possible that the baby could come early if it runs out of space??

Thanks so much!

JenniL1977 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:11:50

Hey Boos,
Just saw your message on unanswered and thought I'd help bump you to get some other answers.
I'm 37 weeks on Wed too!
My bump's done the same over the last 2 weeks too - it's really hard today. I had loads of really funny cramps last night low down - I think she's buried her head a bit further in!
There gets less and less room for them to move in, at 37 weeks the average weight is 7lb I think, so if you're measuring big you could have 4 bags if sugar in there, plus your placenta and the fluid - it's a lot to carry around. There'll still be plenty of fluid, I'm sure. But if you're worried, ring your mw, it's what she's there for.
My bump's pointy each morning as well. It's just from lying on my side.
If you're 37wks on Wed, baby isn't early if s/he comes then - you're full term from Wed.
I'm sure someone more experienced than me will be along shortly though smile
Good luck!

Boos75 Mon 25-Jul-11 15:12:47

Thanks so much for your message JenniL - good to have a pregnancy twin! Think it's having the time now I'm on maternity leave to worry about things!

Baby's been moving around quite a bit now so feeling less worried though am worried about being full term on Weds - eeek, better getting final things sorted.

Best of luck with your LO x

MrsVidic Mon 25-Jul-11 16:29:52

Please dont worry about the Mw measurements- I was sent for a scan at 37 weeks as I measured 32 cm and my baby was exactly the right size 6lb 4 in the scan

Boos75 Mon 25-Jul-11 18:14:35

Thanks MrsVidic I've heard that they can be really wrong on weight/size. Am just hoping the baby has a normal sized head!

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