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book for c/s overdue, any ideas about talking to doctor?????????????? help

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firstsupermum Mon 25-Jul-11 00:24:17

i am 41weeks with my 2nd child, as my first one was c/s because also overdue, i am booked for s/c for thursday 28th as they are saying i cant wait more than 10 days overdue for my second, i was offer a sweep last thursday since than a brown discharge nothing elso, i am having an other one tomorrow at 3pm, really not comfortable at all, and also booked for 2pm wednesday to meet the doctor and the anaethestist that will carry one the c/s.
i dont know what to expect from them? anyone have and idea or done it before.
i was aiming for normal birth but the baby is not ready to go down and they saying its not good to leave it more than 10 days overdue, i am really planning for 3 children in my life but now if i go for an other c/s it may make it hard for me.
what do i do? what to eccepect from wednesday meeting? should i go for c/s or just wait more? can i have 3 childrens with c/s all?
really need advice and help.

QueenCee Mon 25-Jul-11 06:32:12

I'm no expert but believe Posh Spice had all 4 kids with ELCS so I guess it is possible!!
Sorry no other useful advice.

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Mon 25-Jul-11 07:49:01

Mum had four sections, so don't worry about that bit too much. No idea what to expect from the meeting, but if they're advising a section, go with it. Having had a previous section it really isn't ideal to wait too far past your due date as it starts to increase your risk of rupture.

Have my section booked for next Tuesday (2nd Aug, 41+2) if nothing's happened by then, so will probably get my meeting at some point this week (although consultant's on leave this week and the anaesthetist's my dad so that'll be interesting...!)

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 25-Jul-11 08:02:41

I'm having my 3rd cs this time around so don't let that worry you x

firstsupermum Mon 25-Jul-11 10:17:18

thank you all, great support, i am trying not to worry but a bit hard, i will just see how it will go on wednesday as i am requesting a female doctor but they cant confirm that, so i will see, if its female i may go for it but if not i have just to wait foran other date.

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Mon 25-Jul-11 10:20:45

Female gynaes aren't that common, you might be waiting a while if your hospital doesn't employ one!

firstsupermum Mon 25-Jul-11 18:05:36

hi all and thank you for the support, i went for the sweep today, i am happy that the doctor that did it for me is a female and thats her who will carry on the c/s with other female so thats very good for me, she did advice me to go for c/s is well if no progresse is made, so we have to wait for wednesday and see.

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