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Crosshair Sun 24-Jul-11 21:36:08


Im off on holiday next month(will be 21 weeks) and need something to wear in the pool/on the beach. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it?

PinkFondantFancy Sun 24-Jul-11 22:07:32

I would just NOT recommend Next maternity tankinis - I bought one and wore it at most 5 times before the elastane went in the back of the top. I looked after it properly i.e. didn't leave it soaking in chlorine so it was pretty disappointing! I'm onto a Matalan maternity cossie now, fingers crossed it is better....

Crosshair Sun 24-Jul-11 22:11:11

Thanks for the tip, I havent actually been near a swim suit since being a child so feeling abit lost looking at them. Il check out Matalan's website. smile

melliebobs Mon 25-Jul-11 08:21:58

i was just going to say NEXT have all the autumn stuff in and when i was looking yday they had alot of nice looking actual swim costumes as opposed to tankinis. I've had next swimwear before (ok not maternity) and never had a problem. 3 years later mine's still going strong

tiredandgrumpy Mon 25-Jul-11 08:27:21

I would also say to avoid Next. My maternity tankini disintegrated after only a few uses, even though I followed care instructions. In my first 2 pregnancies I had a fabulous tankini from Jojomamanbebe. A little while ago, so can't be sure current quality as good, but worth a try.

Iggly Mon 25-Jul-11 08:36:09

I got a nice costume from jojomaman last year. I don't usually wear costumes but when pregnant dont want bump on show (I don't know why!)

CrazyAlien06 Mon 25-Jul-11 08:46:52

Matalan was where I got my plain black maternity swimsuit from :0)

MissRee Mon 25-Jul-11 10:10:34

I just bought a NEXT swimsuit in the sale reduced to £6! It's loooooovely smile

Crosshair Mon 25-Jul-11 11:35:30

Thanks for the replies. smile

Davinaaddict Mon 25-Jul-11 11:44:10

I would recommend having a look on eBay too - they had loads of brand new with tags ones when I bought mine. smile

ceebie Mon 25-Jul-11 11:44:32

I got a turquoise Emma Jane maternity swimsuit I adore from Everyday

ceebie Mon 25-Jul-11 11:45:58

PS meant to say, it looks from the photos that it would only fit in the first trimester, but it still fitted me when I was 9 months and the size of an elephant.

LB18 Mon 25-Jul-11 13:41:35

I've got an Emma Jane tankini - seems to be washing and lasting well. As a guide if ordering online sizing is true to pre-pregnancy size. I'm 6.5 months at the moment - fits nicely now and seems to have scope to stretch a good way yet despite looking like a size 12 when washed and hung on the line.

LizzyMathsWhizzy Mon 25-Jul-11 13:46:03

There's a nice range of maternity cossies and tankinis on I just bought a tankini in their sale, and the sizing seems pretty accurate. Looking forward to trying it out tonight!

AlpinePony Mon 25-Jul-11 15:54:19

My Next one, black & white, turned to grey mush after just 3 washes. sad I've seen some nice stuff in the sale on crave maternity.

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