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Pregnancy support belts...any recommendations?

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misspollysdolly Sun 24-Jul-11 21:29:11

I am 29 weeks pregnant in my third pregnancy. I am just at the point where baby seems to be growing at a slightly quicker rate than my tummy so there is a lot of aching and stretching going on. I also have diastasis recti (separation of the stomach muscles) high in my abdomen and am finding this is causing more tummy/bump ache than in previous pregnancies.

I am therefore wondering whether there would be any benefit to getting and wearing a maternity support belt of some sort...? Would value hearing about anyone else's experiences of trying them. I'd also be grateful for any recommendations for makes/types - I am a fairly big girl size 18-22 (depending on cut of clothes - bigger on bottom than top) but have not gained a lot of weight (in addition to actual bump and baby) during the pregnancy. I have looked at the Nexcare belt you can get from Mothercare. This states it is 'suitable for size 8-18 pre-pregnancy' - can anyone tell me if it is generously sized or literally suits up to size 18 and no more...?!

Many thanks in advance. MPD

hellymelly Sun 24-Jul-11 21:47:34

I used one,it did help me feel less uncomfortable,I will see if I can link to it -here it is actually mine had slightly different elastic but it was the same make and looked otherwise the same.

BellaBells Sun 24-Jul-11 21:53:29

I have a support belt from mothercare (not sure of the name!) I had it from about 22 weeks. It seemed like a godsend for the first few weeks but I have just tried to put it on now, i'm 32 weeks and it doesn't fit how it used to. This is due to my bump obviously getting bigger so the velcro fastener isn't supporting me where it should/used to. So I'm guessing if I had it in a bigger size I would still be singing it's praises. So to sum up it's a pretty decent and reasonable back support belt, just make sure you have room to adjust!

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