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What are the odds for a 2nd CS?

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Gooddie Sun 24-Jul-11 20:55:08

On DD I had an emergency CS.

This was because my waters broke, nothing happened so I was induced. Didn't get beyond 1cm and baby got into distress, so CS.

Because I didn't go into labour myself, is there a good chance of this happening again?


fatandknackered Sun 24-Jul-11 20:59:27

I had a similar experience with DS1 - was induced at 40+a million (it felt like...), he went into distress and was whipped out the sunroof. With DS2, I went into labour at 40+2 (all by myself!!) and he was born the next day the way nature intended.

I also have lots of family/friends who have had successful VBAC.

I think a lot depends on the reasons for the EMCS, eg a couple of friends' DC1s didn't turn and hence just couldn't come out, hence CS the only option, and they went for ELCS the next time.

This is only my limited experience though.... but good luck for your No 2!!

Gooddie Mon 25-Jul-11 21:30:06

Thanks fatandknackered. Hoping to hear a few spontaneous labour stories on the 2nd.

MrsHoolie Mon 25-Jul-11 21:56:55

Have a look in the 'childbirth' section as there are lots of ladies asking about c sections/vbac (vaginal birth after c section).
I have had 2 emergency c sections,both because I didn't progress (not induced though).

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