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Moving and working out antenatal care

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thegauntlet Sun 24-Jul-11 13:31:36

We are moving when I will be around 13 weeks, I am pretty annoyed that my GP surgery have a midwife that will only see new pts on a friday morning ( I am a dentist, which means i am self employed and dont get paid time off) I am just pretty reluctant to take a whole morning off work to come back for an appt to take my weight, bp and urine. Gah! i know all is normal, have had recent bloods for occy health at work, and am going to be moving to a different area of the country.

I have a friend who can scan me at a pregnancy crisis centre... just wanted someone to tell me if there is anything I am missing, and if there is something vital that I need from this appt?
Will the new community midwives be ok with a first presentation at 14 weeks ish?
Second baby, first DD all went smoothly, great birth and labour, planning a home birth this time.

thegauntlet Sun 24-Jul-11 21:33:54

Bump? sorry..

kri5ty Mon 25-Jul-11 07:14:30

I had my "booking in" at 11 weeks anyway (oly 3 weeks earlier than you would when you move) , i also moved hospital, as i moved out of the area, and they had to do the whole booking in process again, and take all the bloods again anyway

So i dont think it will be much of a problem... soe people dont even find out until they are that far on anyway!

kri5ty Mon 25-Jul-11 07:16:15

ps, and if your friend can scan you, i doubt you will be missing out on much, like you said, you know your bloods are ok, and when you have the bllods taken again at 14 weeks with the new mw, if any problems have occured post pregnancy, they will be picked up then as you can compare them to your last ones?

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