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Anyone else feel like time is dragging?!!

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CrazyAlien06 Sun 24-Jul-11 07:47:29

I'm 30 weeks today and boy is time dragging!! Doesn't help that I'm not sleeping too well and have bad heartburn constantly sad but that's the only negatives I have so I know I am very lucky.
I finished work a couple of weeks ago and am bored out of my brain!
I was teaching and to go from mega busy constantly to nothing is a shock to the system.
I'm trying to de junk my house and get excited about the upcoming arrival but don't seem to be able too. We haven't got any nursery furniture yet so I am hoping once I order that it will help me get ready and excited!the nursery is half my dressing room and half nursery so bit interesting lol.

Oh when will time go fast?!sad also my bump doesn't seem to be that big, I know I shouldn't be comparing but have people on Facebook uploading photo of their bumps and they are a month behind me and are much bigger! Mw did say at last appt that I have a lovely neat bump and it measured fine so that's a relief. Guessing I'll just remain smaller than others thanks to my long body!

Any ideas for what i can do to pass time?! Id usually be off on my holidays tomorrow but obviously not and that's bugging me sad all my family are jetting off sad

Rant over lol. How can I get excited? I'm getting terrified about the labour!! Am first time mum with no experience of babies whatsoever ......

brettgirl2 Sun 24-Jul-11 07:52:50

Yep and I'm jealous because only 16 weeks. The irritating thing is that other people always say 'isnt it going fast' hmm

CrazyAlien06 Sun 24-Jul-11 07:57:03

Lol * brettgirl* that is totally true! Im always shocked when they say that, I'm like er doesn't feel like it! Each day feels about 100 hours long! I know I should be resting as much as possible but dont seem to be able toosad am up usual time, take dog for her walkies and then try to amuse myself until DH gets home and then he gets bombarded with my talking lol. Bless him.

BellaBells Sun 24-Jul-11 19:34:12

I'm 32 weeks and am bored out of my mind! I was at the hospital yesterday and seeing all the new arrivals didn't help. Feels like I've been pregnant for 8 very long years not months. It also isn't helping that my DP was out last night, and the weekend before that... Oh and every other night! Changing the subject slightly, am I being unreasonable to expect DP to stay home with me? Even more so since I'm having extremely painful BH. He doesn't seem to understand how painful they can be, neither does he seem to get how jealous he's making me by going out... Im missing wine terribly toosad
Sorry for my rant ladies! (I'm giving DP the silent treatment for being hungover so can't wine to him)

curlyeve Sun 24-Jul-11 19:50:41

not sure if its unreasonable or not really, my DH is going camping this week (while im 33weeks) I'd prefer him to be here but I don't want him doing nothing for the next 7 weeks because I cant, wouldn't be fair on him smile but then I'm not having BH like you are!

But time is dragging!!! I finish work this week, we have bought everything for the baby we need and the idea of waiting for up to 9 weeks is no fun.

Crazyalien - my bump is small too - but hopefully it will mean you have less to loose afterwards smile and as long as baby is healthy then enjoy having less stretchmarks!

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