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do i need to put a towel in my hospital bag for the baby?

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Valiant1 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:13:41

do i need to put a towel in my hospital bag for the baby? I have forgotten!

Paschaelina Sat 23-Jul-11 20:14:12

I dont remember needing one.

allthefires Sat 23-Jul-11 20:21:40

Do we need one for ourselves?

Pingpong Sat 23-Jul-11 20:23:02

take an old one for you - it may well get bloody depending on how much lochia you are losing but no you won't need one for the baby.

Valiant1 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:25:32

Thankyou, i am on number 4 and just can't remember lol will take one for me xx

Paschaelina Sat 23-Jul-11 20:25:36

allthefires I didn't get mine out of my bag in the 36 hours I was there, just used the hospital one for my shower, but then I had an ensuite wetroom so no-one to see me schlepping around in the nuddy.

allthefires Sat 23-Jul-11 20:30:31

Thanks. I cant remember from last time!

Lynzilove Sun 24-Jul-11 07:58:38

I took one (a dark one) and used it when I had my bath after the birth.

Catsu Sun 24-Jul-11 09:08:18

I didn't need a towel for me or baby either time, not packed one this time either

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