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Hip pain 5-6 weeks pregnant

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ciwi Sat 23-Jul-11 18:06:37

Hi, I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant and have a kind of muscular pain in the right groin area when I stand up/ sit down, basically move my hip. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal? I am a bit worried about an ectopic but the pain is mild and feels muscular and also I have no bleeding and moderate pregnancy symptoms. Any advice? Am I worrying about nothing?

allthefires Sat 23-Jul-11 20:37:05

It could possibly be pelvic girdle pain. Have a chat with midwife who can refer you to physio if need be.

RunningGuerita Sun 24-Jul-11 00:12:02

The thing I seem to remember being told about a possible ectopic is if you feel shoulder pain (on its own or in addition to other pains). Not intuitive I know but that is when you should get yourself checked out sharpish.

freelancegirl Sun 24-Jul-11 10:14:40

I have got this on and off and am worried too (will be 6 weeks on Monday) as I had a miscarriage last time and am being treated for high NK cells. BUT I have read that it is quite normal and is probably 'round ligament pain' which can apparently be dull and go down into the hip and groin. If you google this plus first trimester you will find a lot of people suffer from it early on.

During the 2ww I also had a lot of ovary twinges mainly in the left side that made me also worry about ectopic. But I think RunningGuerita is right and if it were ectopic we would have that shoulder pain and other symptoms. Actually as I am on steroids I am not having a lot of pregnancy symptoms, which is also worrying. I worry when I get that hip/groin pain but also worry now I haven't had it for a few days! Can't win! I am sure it is normal though, and you will be fine. If in doubt ask the doc if you can have a referral to your local EPU. I am getting a private scan tomorrow but I am under specialist care and I DO have a reason to worry because of the NK cells.

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