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pregnant after mc, freaking out because am feeling well!

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georgethecat Sat 23-Jul-11 16:20:30

Am 8 wks and was feeling really shitty until this last week - queasy, off food, sore boobs, tired, cramps. Have started feeling really well this week apart from sore boobs am freaking because I am associating being well with having low hormones and therefore in my head have lost this baby too. Had missed mc previously so found out at scan it had pooped at 7 weeks, so perhaps am just a bit sensitive this week. Has anyone elses symptoms waxed and waned? Anybody else in this freaky situation? Sorry just haven't got anyone I can ask xxx

beebee1978 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:55:25

I had a mc then got pregnant few months later. Apart from sore boobs that was all the symptoms I had. I have a very healthy 6 month old son now. Try not to worry I know it's easy said than done. All the best

emoo777 Sat 23-Jul-11 19:00:50

It is totally natural to feel worried after a mc but assume if you have no bleeding that everything is fine. My first pg I had morning sickness all the time and this stopped at 8 weeks. Well, I am 35 weeks and baby is fine so far (kicking as I type this).

georgethecat Sat 23-Jul-11 19:18:27

O thats lovely, thanx am feeling a bit better now, Just was having an emotional moment....equally a sign of hormones as sickness smile just got to chill, wait and see I guess xxx

ciwi Sat 23-Jul-11 19:30:16

I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant after a miscarriage and worrying about everything. It's really difficult isn't it? I have an early scan next week and even that feels like a million miles away. Take care, just 4 weeks till your 12 week scan x

addictediam Sat 23-Jul-11 19:31:15

There are lots of support threads here in pregnancy and also in anti-natal for ladies who are pregnant after mc.

They really helped me get past that scary hormone filed panic attacks, after several mc. I now have 9mo dd and no2 on the way!

namechange100 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:08:28

george I was exactly the same as you for exactly the same reasons last week I am now 9 +4. I didnt realise how upset I was until I went to the first midwife appointment at the GP's (not booking in one at home where the week before I had felt fine and vey positive) and I blurted out my symptons had changed seemed as if they were fadining just like last time - no sore boobs hardly at all from the off. They referred me for a scan.

The scan was fine.

The nurse I spoke to afterwards was brilliant and said symptons can change at around this time as the placenta starts to take over and will be fully supporting the pregnancy by aroun week 12. So this can lead to settling down of symptons after those first waves of hormones produced by ovaries. - Of course all pregnancies are different and symptons come and go, which I am sure you have read.

You can not know for sure unless you have a scan, its hard to relax and try not second guess whats happening - Im already worried about my nuchal scan. I think you should talk to your midwife or GP be honest about how you feel and how it is affecting you.

I really do know how you feel and wish I could say more to calm your fears, but please know you are not alone in feeling this way. smile Post your update if you can.

freelancegirl Sun 24-Jul-11 10:20:56

Hi George, a lot of us feel exactly the same. Come join us on the 'Freak Out' board for people who are pregnant after miscarriage HERE. There is a lot of hand holding. Ciwi you should really be joining us there too now!

I personally am not really getting any symptoms which is terrifying (I too lost the baby at 7 weeks last time but didn't find out until 12) but apparently this can well be normal too. I have a scan tomorrow so will find out more. I just wanted you to know there a lot of us in the same position and hopefully it will all be fine.

ciwi Sun 24-Jul-11 10:24:36

Still wimping out free grin

georgethecat Sun 24-Jul-11 19:09:51

Thanks addictediam I'll find those threads, just was having a moment smile

yea its a bit crappier this time round namechange100 & ciwi isn't it, I feel I'm approaching it from a negative angle for self preservation. Need more positivity!

Good luck with your scan freelancegirl.

Thanks for your support ladies, I just need to remember there are others in the same boat, it is scary & it is normal. xxx

mumnosbest Tue 26-Jul-11 10:36:04

My symptoms eased at 8-9 wks then came back with a vengeance at about 10 sad I've had a similar experience to u so know how it feels. Try stay positive and enjoy feeling better.

InMyPrime Tue 26-Jul-11 11:30:38

Symptoms do wax and wane in the first trimester so it's nothing to worry about if you have some days where you feel less pregnant than others. MMC does make you totally paranoid next time around though so it's totally understandable for you to be worried.

Why don't you book yourself in for an early reassurance scan to relieve the worry? You should be able to get one on the NHS if you ask your midwife since you had a previous MMC. I was offered this at 8 weeks but had already booked a private scan anyway. It was fantastic to have clear reassurance because I was a nervous wreck for the entire first trimester because of my MMC experience. MMC is really hard because you don't trust your body anymore and the only way of knowing 100% that the pregnancy is still progressing fine is a scan. Give your midwife a call and see if they can get you booked in for an early scan.

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