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Preterm labour or possibly preeclampsia?

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BellaBells Sat 23-Jul-11 12:32:29

For just about under a week I've been having what can be quite sever stomach pains. It first started with a sharp pain on the right side under my ribs and it has now progressed to an all over crampy stomach pain. It is constant but becomes more instense at times. I went to maternity triage because I am high risk and have been taking cyclogest since the start of pregnancy (I am now 32 weeks). The Dr seemed quite concerned and I was hooked up to monitor contractions, none were apparent. But she did an internal swap to see if there was a change in my cervix, however the machine that checks it stopped working so couldn't get results. There was some protien in my urine but no infection was found. I was asked to stay over night but I had already been there since 3pm and it was now 2am and there where no beds on a ward so it was agreed I could go home (I live 2 mins away) but come back first thing in the morning as she wanted to give me another swap and steroid injections in case bubba came early. So I went back yesterday as I was told but when I arrived all the new staff and Drs asked me why I came back and looked quite confussed, even though the previous Dr had begged me to stay that night or come back...?! I explained the situation and that I wa still in pain but they still didn't seemed concerned. I was told to sit and wait for over 3 hours and only when I started to cry did they put me once again on a monitor to see if I was contracting, told me I wasn't and got sent home. No other tests were done so I am slightly concerned and now feel angry because I should have stayed in hospital and have the tests done. Im now not sure who to trust or what to believe as both Drs have basically contradicted themselves... First Dr told me it's not braxton hicks because they are not painful, while when I asked the second Dr he said it can be. The first Dr was concerned it was either early labour or pre eclampsia.... What should I do?! And a big thank you and sorry for the long rant. X

sevendwarves Sat 23-Jul-11 12:41:09

I'd suggest just stay at home and try to relax, hard I know. If it is early labour then the contractions will gradually get stronger until it is apparent that you're in labour, at that point obviously go back. If it is pre-eclampsia the best thing you can do is relax, if you get any sudden swelling, severe headaches or visual disturbances go back to hospital immediately. Is your blood pressure high by the way?

Not meaning to worry you but the machines that monitor contractions don't always work, they didn't work for me. The MW actually looked at the readings after DS was born and said I didn't have any contractions! If you genuinely think you're in labour and the monitor says no demand a second opinion and refuse to leave!

Hope all goes well.

BellaBells Sat 23-Jul-11 12:52:13

That's what I am doing, bed rest and taking paracetamol and codeine which the first Dr gave me.
Your right about demanding things, the first time I went to the hospital i was with my partner so he backed me up, whereas the second time I was alone so I think I was just seen as a paranoid emotional preggo! And as depressing as it sounds it's true that equipment can fail, your a testament!
My blood pressure wasn't taken the second time around and I didn't ask what it was the first time, I will have a check in my notes.
I'm going to relax at home and see how it goes. Thank you !!

sevendwarves Sat 23-Jul-11 14:03:05

If your blood pressure is normal it's not pre-eclampsia. Tbh I'm shocked they didn't check it.

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