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Who to contact on a Friday eve with possible viral bug/food poisoning?

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Heinoushierachy Fri 22-Jul-11 20:30:53


Wondering if anyone can offer any advice on this...

Second pregnancy and 32 weeks - at around 3pm I started feeling really sick and have been vomiting since. Now have pains in tummy and feel awful.

It's Friday eve and the midwifery clinic is closed. Have put a call in to the NHS but have to wait at least an hour for response. Does anyone know who I should contact? Am dreading being told to go down to A&E to wait for hours with loads of drunken smelly people...

Have no idea what it is but there are cramps and nausea...

Ugh sad

krisskross Fri 22-Jul-11 20:35:16

seem to remember i had something similar at around same time, labour ward was open so i called them and they so to go in,.......was all fine for me but to be on safe side i would go now to a and e before the drunks arrive, just be on safe side. NHS direct will prob say that anyway and then you will have wasted an hour waiting for their call.

hope you feel better soon and good luck.

thisisyesterday Fri 22-Jul-11 20:35:52

call your out of hours doctor if you're worried

tbh i don't think there is much they can do even if it is food poisoning, it would be a case of waiting it out and then checking baby is ok afterwards I presume?

try not to worry too much though, it's probably just a bug and although you feel crappy you and baby should be just fine.

CBear6 Fri 22-Jul-11 20:38:54

Ring your GP surgery, their answering machine message will have details of how to contact the out-of-hours doctors. They'll be better than NHS Direct or A&E because an actual doctor will ring you back after your initial call and they'll give you an appointment for you to attend rather than sitting waiting, if you did need to go to A&E they're able to ring ahead so you can queue jump a little bit.

Or the Maternity Unit will be open 24/7 and will be able to check you over and also have a listen to baby.

andypandypudding Fri 22-Jul-11 20:40:46

I had the same thing last week at 34 weeks - started fri eve with symptoms just like yours. I just waited it out it out at home.. it was pretty much gone in 48 hours but I did feel dreadful - d and v and awful stomach cramps. IMO - not much need to call anyone unless very prolonged or get any worrying symptoms (obvious contractions, bleeding etc) HTH's.

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