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Morning Sickness already or Stomach Upset

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Cazm2 Fri 22-Jul-11 13:24:22

Hi people

I am currently 3-4 weeks with my second pregnancy. I lost my first pregnancy at MMC at 11.5 weeks.

However I am soooo sick. The last two days I have been sick on and off all day and feel slightly better in the evenings although not much. I dont manage to keep much down during the day but managing an evening meal. I wake up with terrible headaches and sickness then pretty much nasueas all day. However yesterday I had runny bum as well and I am not sure if its a tummy bug or not? I am feeling much worse than i did with first pregnancy and really strugging at work.

I am due to go on holiday next week and terrified about flying and feel so ill!!

any advice would be gratefully received!

bagelmonkey Fri 22-Jul-11 14:56:36

I had a really bad night of D&V on holiday last year. The nausea persisted for the rest of the holiday and I thought it was just a bug. When the nausea was still there a week later and I felt generally rough, I started to think about it a bit more.... Penny dropped eventually. DD is now almost 6 months.

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