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Anyone who understands the diffferent mattress options that can advise me with buying a replacement mattress for pram please?

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Catsu Thu 21-Jul-11 20:16:40

I'm on to order a new mattress for a second hand bugaboo pram I have got.

There are various different options and i'm not sure which ones are 'standard/normal' to go for! There doesnt seem to be an difference in price between these options either to guide me...
baby will be in pram for short periods at a time but may use the carrycot with this mattress as an occasional overnight bed if away from home, so need the mattress to be safe and comfortable as possible!

You can choose PVC or mesh or half and half PVC/mesh or polyester cover
No idea which is best!

The other thing is that you can have with or wothout ventilation holes or have holes on just one half - what are these for? are they good to have??

Thanks for any advice on what options to go for!

Davinaaddict Thu 21-Jul-11 20:55:04

Hi Catsu - really sorry as I have no clue, but was thinking it's probably worth you popping into one of the shops that sell them with a 'just after some information at the moment' question to ask someone who can tell you what the differences are. At least that way when you buy it much cheaper online, you can make an informed choice?smile

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