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Do I need a new mattress for the moses basket?

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benne81 Thu 21-Jul-11 15:14:05

Sorry if this is an obvious question for some but i'm a first timer and I am getting conflicting advice. My SIL has lent me the family moses basket - used twice before (2 separate babies, each for a couple of months). Someone told me I need to get a new mattress for it although SIL didn't for her second. Just wondering if I do need to get a new one and the rationale if so.

MrsCLH Thu 21-Jul-11 15:53:53

I'm sure the recommendation is that you should have a new mattress for each baby. I think its something to do with a link between cot death and using a second hand mattress. Don't know all the details but probably worth it for peace of mind. I have borrowed a moses basket off a friend but got a new mattress from Mothercare - only £9.99 so not a huge expense.

YBR Thu 21-Jul-11 17:29:51

I've been looking at this too. I eventually found there is "a statistically significant link" between second hand mattresses and cot death. It's a tiny increase in risk, and no proven mechanism. The hypothesis seems to be that bacteria from the previous babies may still be present. Thus "they" do recommend a new mattress for each baby.

On the other hand it might be an indirect link such as 2nd hand stuff being more likely to be in use in deprived households where there are other factors increasing the risk of cot death. And I can't help wondering if "they" have a vested interest in selling more stuff anyway.

In defiance the advice, I've reasoned that if the mattress is in good condition, not too old [there was a time when they used nasty chemicals in foam mattresses - 20+ years ago IIRC], and properly disinfected then I'm happy with it.

Obviously you have to make your own decision.

icravecheese Thu 21-Jul-11 17:53:30

I have always bought new mattresses for cots / moses baskets etc for each baby (expecting no3 and just ordered new ones). They are so cheap online ( and I always keep the old /used one as a 2nd hand backup (because my babies always seem to vomit on their mattresses in the middle of the night, and its handy having an emergency 2nd hand one to use whilst the other one dries out!).

nannyl Thu 21-Jul-11 19:35:34


I got mine from ebay... pretty much every size £4ish delivered.
Mine arrived today, im very happy with it, and for £4.20 not worth not getting

the one i got

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