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No immunity to Rubella! Anyone else?

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harassedandherbug Thu 21-Jul-11 12:26:17

I'm 18 wks with dc4, and my first lot of blood tests came back fine but showing that I have no immunity to Rubella. My mw didn't seem overly concerned, just told me to stay away from anyone with German Measles, but I'm getting a bit worried tbh.

Has anyone else had this??

icravecheese Thu 21-Jul-11 12:39:26

Hiya, sorry can't help with the no immunity.... but given this is your DC4, I assume you would have been tested for immunity in your previous pregnancies? I think its standard at booking... are they saying that you did have immunity previously, but now you don't? (which seems very unusual! I believe rubella immunity is life long).

Or perhaps you've never had immunity... in which case you've had 3 babies already & never come into contact with german measles (I dont think I've ever met anyone with GM in my adult life), so I guess its highly unlikely you will with your 4th...??

Sorry, not much help I know! Just abit strange as to why they've never pointed out no immunity in previous pregnancies....

harassedandherbug Thu 21-Jul-11 12:42:58

My youngest is 5, and they've checked back and it was ok then (eldest two are 22 & 20 so those notes are prob long lost!). Oviously my age has made it run out wink!!

I also assumed it was a life long immunity. I haven't heard of anyone with German Measles, but have with mumps and measles. Just feel a tad uneasy about it iykim.

Had an mmc & mc this year, so am easily freaked out!

icravecheese Thu 21-Jul-11 12:46:58

oh i'm sorry, I hope my post didnt sound harsh. I just googled rubella immunity & it does say its for life for most people, but not all...

Its difficult too when you have a little one at nursery / school, they pick up all sorts of bugs. But at least you're fully aware of your lack of immunity now - tell everyone you possibly know so that they are aware & can warn you to stay away if they / their kids get german measles.

Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy smile

Froggy81 Thu 21-Jul-11 13:02:56

It's my first pregnancy and I thought I was immune to rubella, but it turned out I wasn't. I was quite worried TBH when I first heard the news, as I work in a school.

BUT my very sensible DH put it all back into perspective by saying that most children now have injections to prevent it. I made sure that I told the school nurse and secretary, as they could have warned me if there was any case in school.

I have also read that it is mainly dangerous if you catch it in the first trimester and that after that, the risk for the baby is not so high. Apparently, there are no consequences if caught in the third trimester.

On the positive side of things too, it's soon the holidays so you won't have any more school runs! smile

Hope this has helped. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

CBear6 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:25:41

I had my Rubella injection back in the early 90s when I was 11/12 and all the girls at school were done. When I joined my current GP when I was 19 they took a standard blood sample as part of their new patient health check and it came back that I wasn't immune so they gave me the MMR injection. When I started trying to get pregnant they checked it as standard and it came back not immune so I had the jab again. Then I got pregnant and once again, not immune, so was revaccinated once DS was born. Had the check with this pregnancy and it came back immune so it looks like it's finally taken, supposedly the jab doesn't work for everyone and a few women in my family have had the same issue as me.

Froggy is right in that most children and adults you come into contact with will have already been vaccinated/will already be immune so you'll be fairly safe. It's called herd immunity, if no one in your immediate "herd" has the bug then it's difficult for you to become infected with it. Just take the usual precautions of avoiding anyone you know has been in contact with it, good hand/tissue hygiene, etc.

phlossie Thu 21-Jul-11 16:28:58

I got worried about slapped cheek because it was going round at my daughter's pre-school and I don't think I've had it. But you just need to be watchful and keep your fingers crossed. There are all sorts of nasties, you can't guard against everything.

Moodykat Thu 21-Jul-11 16:46:45

If it helps, my first lot of bloods with DC2 said I had no immunity, but the next lots revealed I did! Maybe they've just made a mistake like they did with me?!

harassedandherbug Thu 21-Jul-11 17:15:06

Thank you! I'm feeling slightly less freaked out. As I said, it doesn't take much at the moment.

I'm also feeling slightly less like a freak too grin. I'd never heard of this happening before. Or maybe it's a mistake like Moodykat.

mammyemcbe Thu 21-Jul-11 17:20:33

I learned on dc4 that I didn't have rubella immunity and the mw and docs didn't seem that worried all turned out fine in my case smile

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