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Expecting mums Hither Green/Blackheath/Greenwich/Lee area

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Lala29 Thu 21-Jul-11 11:59:57

Hi all,

Posted in another section, but not sure it was the right place, as am new here. I am 30 weeks pregnant and would love to meet others in a similar position who live nearby. I missed out on NCT classes locally, as these seem to get booked up ridiculously fast. Doing pregnancy yoga in Blackheath, but the ladies there don't seem to be very chatty, unless everyone is just very shy.

Anyone have any ideas of where else I can look or if you are also expecting soon, get in touch. All my friends work and I am dreading being stuck at home on my own!

Thank you!

wildrover Tue 26-Jul-11 09:33:14

Hiya, I'm 35 weeks and expecting my first here in Greenwich. I got into an NCT class, which has been great for meeting other people (I only moved here a few months ago). There is also a mumsnet meet-up on Sunday in Greenwich if you'd like to join that? I'll send you details.

Lala29 Tue 26-Jul-11 09:34:41

Thank you very much. Not sure I can make Sunday, but will do my best! Would be great to meet others in a similar boat!

Queenofthehill Tue 26-Jul-11 10:09:19

My ds is 8w and I live in Deptford. Will be on mat leave while you two are... Is mumsnet meet only for expectant mums or can us newbies come too, wildrover? Wd love to know more? x

ChocaMum Tue 26-Jul-11 20:37:53

I had a similar problem when living in blackheath, I missed out on nct classes and I didn't always find the friendliest mums at yoga. Also I was never quite as pristine when my dd was tiny.

I found the breastfeeding baby cafe in kidbrooke surestart centre amazing though, with pregnant and new mums and babies up to one. Everybody was very friendly and they have a health visitor and a breast feeding counsellor too.

I also did (and still do) swimming with Waterbabies at lewisham hospital. Started when dd was 6 weeks, and met lots of nice mums through that. And baby sensory classes in Lee and blackheath were also very friendly, though we didn't go till dd was 3 mo.

Hope that helps.

Lala29 Wed 27-Jul-11 09:56:55

Thank you for the tips, chocamum. Will definitely investigate.
Wildrover, could you please let us know details of the meet up, as would love to try to make it. Thank you!

Gingersnap88 Wed 27-Jul-11 11:23:19

I'm probably far too early for this but just wanted to say hello! I'm only 6 weeks but living in South East London too, lovely to hear of some places to look up a bit later on smile

edwinbear Wed 27-Jul-11 14:17:24

I'm due in November and live in Greenwich. When I had DS there was a good bf clinic at the Sure Start place in Morden Mount School, there is also a good drop in music class at the church on Blackheath on Thursday's called Rucksack Music that you can google. Boppin' Bunnies is also very good, I did a couple of terms of that before I went back to work. Big Scream (baby cinema at the Greenwich Picturehouse is also brilliant with little babies, although it's obviously not a very sociable event. There is a facebook page for Greenwich NCT branch which you can 'like'. They organise lots of open house sessions and events for mums that you don't need to have done the classes to go to.

edwinbear Wed 27-Jul-11 14:21:24

Facebook page if you want it is:

pootlebug Wed 27-Jul-11 15:34:42

I moved to Blackheath when my daughter was 7 weeks old so had missed NCT classes etc and knew no-one locally. I met people at:

- Running Mums in Greenwich Park each Tues and Thurs
- Rhyme Time at Blackheath Standard Library (it also runs in other libraries too but you'd need to check times) 2pm Tues and Thurs
- Via the NCT branch

I know a lot of friends met each other at the breastfeeding drop in at Manor Brook Medical Centre too.

ChocaMum Wed 27-Jul-11 18:14:57

I second the suggestions for rhyme time at the libraries (blackheath, manor house gardens and lewisham library) and the big scream at Greenwich picture house, it's quite a sight the first time you go! my DD loves boppin bunnies too. But with both the library and music sessions I started going when DD was a bit bigger as she used to cry as a newborn. The nct open houses are really useful with tiny babies.

Anyway there really are plenty of places to meet new mums. Manor house gardens and the cafe (pistachios) is always full of young families.

Just in case you're interested I did a birth workshop with a local yoga instructor called bernadette I found all the techniques amazing and when I turned up at the hospital in labour I was 8 and a half centimetres because I'd managed to get to that point just using her techniques. And I was terrified of labour before doing the workshop!

Good luck! I hope you find some lovely mummy fiends, they make all the difference to your sanity, and your babies sanity too!

wildrover Thu 28-Jul-11 08:34:05

There's a meet-up in Greenwich at 11:00 on Saturday at the pavilion cafe at the top of Greenwich park. I don't know anyone, so I'll be accosting groups of more 2+ pregnant ladies to say hello.

Queenofthehill I get the impression it's just a relaxed mums/mums-to-be meet-up, so the more the merrier. People might decide they'd like to meet up in smaller groups following that.

See you there!

Lala29 Thu 28-Jul-11 11:26:17

Oh no, could have made it on Sunday potentially, but definitely can't make Saturday! Grrr! Will wait for the next one, unless anyone ones can't make it then and fancies meeting up separately!

lizgow Sun 31-Jul-11 19:09:04

I just thought I would let people know of a great yoga class that I joined when i was pregnant, its called Yumi Yoga I didnt do NCT and met loads of lovely mums to be through these classes. I now go along to Claire's mother and baby and baby yoga classes and have met loads of lovely mums who I spend a lot of time with and also get to do great yoga to.

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