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Leaking waters?

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WinterLover Wed 20-Jul-11 21:10:24

Im 35+5 and I lost my plug yesterday. I've been leaking fluid but MW said it's normal unless it's your waters..

How do I know if it's my waters or just urine because baby's squeezing bladder?

Beamur Wed 20-Jul-11 21:13:10

Gross, but give it a sniff. Wee smells like wee, amniotic fluid is inoffensive and slightly sweet smelling.
It's important to know which it is - if it is amniotic fluid, your waters have broken which means bacteria can enter. My health trust had a policy of ensuring delivery within 48 hours of waters breaking to ensure baby is not unduly exposed.

Fresh01 Wed 20-Jul-11 22:23:22

Put on a pad and call your midwife/maternity unit. My waters broke at home with DC3 and when I phoned in they told me to do this and come in and they would test if it was amniotic fluid, if it was I was staying till delivery, if not they would send me home to wait for something more to happen, I was 39 weeks. I told her it was my 3rd child and definitely my waters had broken
(had felt pop and gush of fluid), so she laughed and said bring your bags you aren't going home then without a baby. He arrived 4 hours later!

Beamur Wed 20-Jul-11 22:36:06

Mine broke too without going into labour and I was asked to go into hospital to get it checked - they made me sit on a pad until I leaked then smelled it. I was sent home overnight, but had to return in the morning whether or not labour had started. You do need to get it checked.

WinterLover Thu 21-Jul-11 10:04:36

Thankyou for your advice its very much appriciated. Its my first and I hate making a fuss over nothing. Had nothing much over night, so seeing how it goes this morning.

I have a presentation/growth/fluid scan in the morning at 10am, as the MW was measuring me big, lost my plug/had show and they cant figure out if its breech or not.

xkatyx Thu 21-Jul-11 16:41:21

Hi I had this with my last baby, 34 weeks lost plug and was having small leaks not alot at all, but I wasn't taking any chances!

I went in on the Wednesday and they did the usual checking for waters leaking internal, smear like thing and even a scan. They told me I was not leaking fluid but I knew I was ( I wen had loads of midwives sniffing my pants lol)

They wanted to send me home buy again I wouldn't have it!! Sunday morning I got an infection and got induced straight away and baby had pneumonia had to stay in speacial care.

So go with your gut instinct I know it's hard with your first baby I have never lost my waters naturally but I also knew I wasn't peeing myself.

Good luck

WinterLover Thu 21-Jul-11 16:50:00

Thanks for your reply Katy Ive hardly had anything today. The only bit ive had is when ive had the urge to pee. Although I have just changed pants and taken pad out to make sure im not missing it, if that makes sense.

I will definately be getting them to check tomoro at my consulatant appointment no matter what. I had the check before at 24 weeks as I had a bleed, its not very dignified but then nothing about pregnancy is grin

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