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Almost there......I think!

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Sewmuchtodo Wed 20-Jul-11 12:31:11

My midwife has just booked me in for a sizing scan....we have been working on the fact that I am 31wks, although my measurements seem to think i am nearer 33/34wks. Due for a 37wk induction.

Baby has her head down and has done for the last 2wks.

Anyone else been in this position from as early as 29wks? or does it look like I am further along that we thought and are getting an August baby?

roz1982 Wed 20-Jul-11 12:56:26

oh how exciting! I wish my baby would come sooner than I thought! Sorry no experience, but good luck!

WaspsAnkles Wed 20-Jul-11 15:04:26

We're 33weeks and baby has had his head down since week 28 at least. Doc and MW think he'll not do any major moves anymore seeing that he is quite long already but he still manages to flip from side to side (which isn't the most comfortable tbh). However, nobody has mentioned to me that having his head down would mean that he'll be any further along especially as his growth scans are bang on (except for the length) so not sure. I think September baby for us still.

But keep us updated what they say at the sizing scan!

sunface Wed 20-Jul-11 16:18:09

hmm wondering now if you can ask for a sizing scan? i've been measuring 3cms ahead at my last 2 apppointments, now at 29weeks but measuring 31wks.... keep us posted and good luck!

Sewmuchtodo Wed 20-Jul-11 16:53:30

Will keep all posted. Waiting on hospital seeing when they can fit me in and then hopefully have an answer.

sunface my midwife measured me 2cm over at 26wks and 28wks, now measuring 34cm and not ment to be 31wks until Friday.

wasps MW just said as head was down and looking at 37wk induction we were on the right road.....however she's not quite sure how long the road is!

Sewmuchtodo Thu 21-Jul-11 19:37:27

Well the hospital called today and I am booked in for a growth scan next seems forever away!

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