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How do I know if this is bad morning sickness or hyperemesis?

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allhailtheaubergine Wed 20-Jul-11 09:04:05

I think it's just terrible morning sickness, but a few people have said to me that it seems more like hyperemesis, and that if so that can be dangerous for me and the baby. Seems like the sensible thing is to find out one way or the other.

(I will go to a doctor, but I prefer to have the wisdom of Mumsnet in my pocket for things like this).

So, I am vomiting between 4 and 15 times a day. Usually about 10 times a day. It starts around 8am and I was still hurling at 10.30 last night.

Half the time I am vomiting bile because there is nothing else to come up. (At least I assume it's bile - am not well informed on these matters - bitter, bright yellow liquid that I don't recall going in at any point).

I struggle to eat or drink much. Typically I manage a weetabix in the morning, one or two dry crackers at lunch time, and something bigger in the evening (either a bowl of rice crispies or a bowl of custard or sometimes some plain boiled noodles).

I am very thirsty all the time. I live in the middle east and temps are 40+ at the moment, so I do try and sip water or weak squash through the day, but it generally comes straight out again.

I know some must be staying down because I don't seem to be dehydrated. Normal wees. Skin pinch test only very very slightly affected.

Complete lack of energy of course, but I'm 1st trimester preg, so normal.

What do you think?

stupefy Wed 20-Jul-11 09:06:49

How many weeks after you.

I'd say 10+ times a day was hypermesis tbh. Sounds grim sad

marylou242 Wed 20-Jul-11 09:12:46

aubergine sounds like hyperemsis to me and I've had it twice. Have you lost any weight at all? I think the criteria for hyperemesis is you lose 5% or more of your body weight, but you sound pretty unable to get on with life at the moment, and could do with some medication. Being sick 10 times a day is more than just morning sickness. It's a problem if you can't keep down liquids and feeling thirsty does sound like you're getting dehydrated. You can buy Ketostix from a chemist in the UK, not sure about where you are? These test for ketones which are a sign your body is going into 'starvation' mode and it's worth mentioning to the doctor if you do find you have ketones.

There's a hyperemesis support thread in the Pregnancy section on here. I'm almost over hyperemesis this time (6 months in) but I found everyone on there a real help. There's some useful information on there by MOH, well worth reading and/or printing to take along to the doctor. Unfortunately a lot of us in the UK have had experience of unsympathetic doctors.

allhailtheaubergine Wed 20-Jul-11 09:28:59

Thank you for replies.

I am almost 9 weeks.

I will find some Ketathingy sticks.

I have lost some weight, but I was about a stone over anyway so definitely not starving yet blush. I lost weight in my 1st trimester the last twice I was pregnant, but have never had anything like this level of vomiting.

What's really odd is that I feel full and bloated a lot of the time which just isn't possible.

The doctors here tend to be very trigger happy with the prescriptions here, so I am sure that even if it were a normal bout of morning sickness I would be offered nausea drugs etc.

allhailtheaubergine Wed 20-Jul-11 09:59:25

Oh, and the other thing is that I can't keep my pregnancy vitamin down. Folic acid thingy. Pregnacare. That worries me.

Mole007 Wed 20-Jul-11 10:42:08

Don't worry about the Pregnacare. I have hyperemesis, and it's still going strong at 39 weeks (thankfully ondansatron is keeping it under control to a point so I am only sick after 90% of meals as opposed to all day!). I had to give up on the Pregnacare at around 5.5 weeks but, as everyone kept telling me, perfectly healthy babies were being born long before Pregnacare was developed. Much more important to focus on yourself, and keeping those liquids down.

Reallea Wed 20-Jul-11 10:45:28

Hi I just got back from the docs this morning. I am 7 weeks pg and have lost 3kg since my first visit 2 weeks ago. I am throwing up about 5 times a day (or night) but it is the nausea that has stopped me carrying on and going to work etc. I can't change DS's nappy or feed him because it leads to vomiting. I never had any nausea with him. So anyway the doc is pleased I am not dehydrated, although I can't eat anything but half a piece of toast or a cracker I have been sipping ribena all day and night. He has prescribed me tablets of cyclizine 50mg. I took one and threw it up within 10 minutes. I took half of one with a piece of toast and half an hour later was able to eat a sandwich! I am so overjoyed I might be able to be normal again! I think it is just really bad morning sickness but there is definitely a fine line when you can't carry on your day to day life.

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