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pregnancy insomnia

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lightsandshapes Tue 19-Jul-11 22:54:10

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and fear I may have this. What's it all about? Anyone else got that alert but exhausted feeling?? <tries to shuffle of to bed after 2 very late nights and ineffectual days>..... sad

kri5ty Wed 20-Jul-11 07:39:37

hey hun, not sure if any of this will help you to get some rest... I have had medical insomnia since i was 14, and have been on medication for it for the past 13 years! Luckily for me, pregnancy seems to have helped me, and i can sleep without the tablets grin

Non of these helped for me (but that may be due to it being caused by a medical condition), i went to a sleep therapist for many years who suggested the old favourites... Avoid tv/ music for an hour before bed, have a hot milky drink, eat a bannana, have some lavender in the bedroom, try and stick to a routine, if you are getting anoyed you can't sleep donlt just lie there, get up and read a book, or try a puzzle to tire your brain out such as sudoku, make lists of baby things you will need

I know how horrible it is, really hope it sorts itself out soon for you hun x

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