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Ginger root extract for morning sickness?

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rumpleteaser Tue 19-Jul-11 21:50:27

A year ago I had ginger root extract capsules for nausea when I was pregnant. They were the only thing that worked.
Now a pregnant friend asked me to reccommend something for morning sickness and told her these tablets.
When friend went into Holland and Barret the sales assistant said that current health guidelines have changed and ginger root extract tablets are no longer reccommended during pregnancy. I googled this and can't find any information at all saying that it's not ok to take these capsules for nausea during pregnancy.
Even on Holland and Barret website after typing in 'morning sickness' on the search function - it comes up with ginger root extract capsules!

Anyone else know anything about this?

MyFace Tue 19-Jul-11 22:24:01

Hiya rumples

I think it's not safe in high amounts (due to blood thinning properties) which is why it's not recommended because it can cause miscarriage. I read about this on the Internet ages ago. HTH.

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