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Crib bedding

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natwebb79 Tue 19-Jul-11 15:29:59

Hi! We've been given a crib that my dad and step-mum used for my step niece and we're struggling to find reasonably priced bedding that isn't for a cot or cot bed. We've seen some in Babies R Us but you're looking at £35/set. If that's the going rate then so be it but we're not after anything fancy (pattern/decoration wise). Any top tips?

Graciescotland Tue 19-Jul-11 15:36:59

TBH I'd just put a sheet on it, we've had baby bedding since DS was born but he's only ever slept swaddled or in a grobag.

Pussinglads Tue 19-Jul-11 15:45:32

What Gracie says. Sheet plus grobag.

Catsycat Tue 19-Jul-11 15:45:55

Hi, I wondered if you had tried eBay. That was where I got loads of our bedding for our Amby baby bed, cot bed and moses basket. I had a quick look, and there are crib sets with drapes for about £18, sheets for about £5 (brand new, on a buy it now price, not an auction; some of the sellers accept returns). If you know anyone who can sew, maybe they could be encouraged to help!

Hope you find something reasonable soon. Oh, and congratulations!

natwebb79 Tue 19-Jul-11 17:14:11

Thanks everyone! I've already bought a fair few Grobags on ebay at bargainous prices so will go back on there to grab some sheets. Thanks again! smile

phlossie Tue 19-Jul-11 17:21:11

Sheet plus grobag!

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