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Possibly tmi but getting daily 'tinged' cm sometimes with bloody streaks

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timeforacuppa Tue 19-Jul-11 10:23:22

Hi all, I'm nearly 6 weeks and ever since I found out I was preggy (early preggy test) I've had nearly daily slightly coloured cm. The odd day I have had a bit of membrane- like discharge. It's only when I wipe and normally early mornings - goes back to normal uncoloured discharge the rest of the time. One day I had a couple of spots of watery pink blood. On the plus side, I've got cracking morning sickness.

I'm just freaking out because i didn't have anything like this with my first pregnancy so I'm wondering if it's a very long sign that there is something very wrong and I'm going to lose the baby, or whether this could ever be considered "normal". First few times it happened, I was convinced that this was 'the end' and cried buckets but then it just disapeared again. I haven't booked the appt with the mw yet because they said not to before 8 weeks and i don't really want to go through the process if I'm miscarrying. Would be grateful to hear from any MNers who have had similar experience....

Renaissance227 Tue 19-Jul-11 10:40:40

I had the same kind of thing for a while.
Was nothing to worry about and it soon stopped. Now I am being kicked left, right, and centre at 26 weeks.
(I also had HORRIBLE ms from week 7 to week 17!!)

CONGRATULATIONS by the way smile

Book your midwife appointment now for a few weeks time so you have a date ready and something positive to focus on. My midwife was booked up for weeks in advance and only just managed to squeeze me in, leaving my 12 week scan quite last min.

QueenCee Tue 19-Jul-11 12:47:34

I had bright red bleeds with DD which was the norm for me in that pregnancy. I'm now 9 weeks with DC2 and had pink discharge from 6-8 weeks every day. I've been scanned twice and everythings fine. Again, it's the norm for me in the pregnancy.
If you're worried get a private scan, NHS probably won't do it IME. It's well worth the money for peace of mind.

timeforacuppa Tue 19-Jul-11 15:27:09

thanks both - that's reassuring.

I haven't allowed myself to get excited because this has been so wierd compared to the last pregnancy when I didn't have anything show.

Ren - very sensible advice to get something in the diary with the mw - I hadn't considered that it might get booked up. And Congrats on your baby! I loved feeling the kicks - made it feel 'real'.

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