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A question about requesting a c-section

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Sorelip Tue 19-Jul-11 08:30:06

I have herpes, and I believe I'm going to be put on anti-viral meds at 36 weeks (I'm at 20 weeks today.) I've scared myself silly reading about what could happen if the virus is trasmitted during labour, and that a c-section may be required. My question is, am I being silly to want to request a c-section? I am aware of the risks, but I also know that I'll have DH around for a month after the birth to help, as well as my family (we're living with my parents at the moment.) I'll admit that the idea of vaginal birth never filled me with joy, but I was prepared to put up and shut up, until now.

If I'm even allowed to request it (I would call my midwife but it seems silly to bother her with this at this early stage), at what point would I do so?

Thank you for any information, reassurance, or telling off you can provide!

otchayaniye Tue 19-Jul-11 10:38:55

Hello, 20 weeks isn't too early to get the ball rolling. But in any case don't rule out either mode of delivery but I'd ask your midwife to book a meeting with a consultant so you can discuss the risks. Then you're armed properly with information to base a decision on. Also consult the Royal College and NICE patient guidelines. Maternal request (although not generally with a first birth) is taken very seriously in coming to a mutual decision. Some consultants are less tolerant, however, of tokophobia (fear of natural birth)

I am in a slightly different position as I had a planned section for my first which was abroad (extended breech, preeclampsia, but wasn't overly keen on natural birth anyway so I found the experience very uplifting and calm and the recovery great).

I had heard some NHS trusts and some consultants are eager to push previous sectionees to vbac but in my case I argued that facing a 30 pct chance of emcs anyway, plus I can't be induced with prolactins, plus the rupture risk (enhanced by previous surgery for Ashermans) meant I felt the safest method for this one (I'm 35 weeks) is planned section. Consultant agreed but we oth agreed that if I go into spontaneous before and it looks to be progressing well I shall continue with vbac.

All very adult, all very sensible and I left much calmer and happier with my decision.

I for one won't tell you off. The attrition rate in humans giving birth is so high that considering a section at any stage isn't nonsensical.

But, although I was dead set on a section for my first in the earlier stages (I have also been raped and that was an issue) by the end of the pregnancy I had come around to planning a natural birth. But she was breech so that was that.

Good luck.

Sorelip Tue 19-Jul-11 11:59:35

Otchayaniye, thank you for replying, and after reading what you've been through, I do feel slightly silly for even considering it. But then, what herpes can do to a baby...I just want to do whatever is best for the baby. I'm not overly fearful of vaginal birth, I'll do whatever it takes to get him out in good health. I'll call the midwife after my scan.

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