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I don't want this to sound like a moan so big apologies in advance

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spritzercat Mon 18-Jul-11 20:33:08


I'm 14 + 5 and don't seem to be seeing an end to the exhaustion and nausea/sickness despite lots of rest.

A few weeks ago work agreed to reduce my hours as I was constantly off with sickness. A week passed and it looked like the miracle cure I needed. My body had other ideas and the sickness hit me harder than ever. My job is neither stressful or an unpleasant place to work.
My doctor signed me off sick again for two weeks last week. This again seemed to help as i stopped being sick as often- even going a couple of days with no sickness! But it's back again. The nausea is so bad and always leads to sickness. The sickness has now also become acidic- which is very unpleasant.

Is it normal for the sickness to stop and start like this? Am I meant to still be this tired?

Sorry for asking questions on here it's just I don't have my first appointment with the midwife until 10th August.

WaspsAnkles Mon 18-Jul-11 20:45:35

I think morning sickness is one of the best reasons for a good moan. I wanted to die in the first three months of pregnancy and was solemly swearing never to have a second child if that was what pregnancy was like. And I had the huge luck of working from home so have no idea how awful it must be to drag yourself into the office feeling like that.

It might not feel like it but it will get better - I absolutely loved the 2nd trimester!

Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon!

LaWeasel Mon 18-Jul-11 20:51:07

Morning sickness is vile, there are no two ways about it!

Can you see any correlation with times of day/changes in routine?

I had to get up early to go to work, and found that on days I could sleep in I wasn't sick in the morning. More generally the more sleep I got helped too. (Although I was sick in the evening as well regardless...) Anyway, if that's the case could you start later in the mornings?

spritzercat Mon 18-Jul-11 21:10:34

Thanks WaspsAnkles and LaWeasel.

I have ideal working hours for morning sickness, I start late afternoons and have dropped the only morning shift.

LaWeasel I think tiredness seems to be a big contributor to the sickness. Work, despite it not being a physical job, seems to be flattening me. I need to go back to work soon though because I only get SSP for time off.

I feel conned - I'm meant to be blossoming now!!!

Misty9 Mon 18-Jul-11 22:34:10

can't help too much with the sickness questions - I didn't have ms too badly but made/making up for it with heartburn...
But the placenta doesn't really take over until 16wks - so that's often when ms and tiredness taper off a little. Lots of people think it should stop by 12wks so I hope that gives you a strange way? Good luck and take it as easy as you can x

Oeisha Mon 18-Jul-11 23:21:52

Tiredness is a huge factor in morning sickness for me, and I like you am tired all the bloody time. As is not allowing myself to get hungry. I'm 14wks and still puking also. (((hugs to all)))

I'm guessing you've tried ginger capsuals and teas etc but thought I'd mention them.

If it's getting to the point that you can't cope the MW/GP can give you something. I think it's stemetil/prochlorperazine. It's worth reading up on, make your own judgments. But they will be VERY reluctant to give it to you and may only give it if you're dehydrated/losing weight/feinting/and preferably past 16wks (as it can take this long for 'usual' sickness to go)...basically hypermesis gravidarium.

I've not puked for 1h now so am off to fellow pukers.

firsttimer84 Tue 19-Jul-11 10:38:23

Its horrid isn't it! I remember feeling like this child is going to be the first and only one if this carries on throughout! Thankfully though it tapered off at 15 weeks and was completely gone by 16 weeks. I was terrified it would be all the way through as my mum's was (hence me being an only child!) and she really didn't help saying "well this is it now, you'll have it right to the end" I just wanted to die! I know its hard and it really helped me to eat little and often, seemed to get a lot worse if I let myself get hungry (which again is difficult when your stomach can't face anything to eat)

spritzercat Tue 19-Jul-11 13:36:27

Oeisha I tried ginger which didn't work :-(

I've stopped losing weight now and have (nearly) always kept liquids down, so I know things aren't as bad as they were. But then on the other hand I'm sleeping 12-14 hours a day at the mo and resting. My lovely but male doctor said I need to start exercising which is a lovely notion but tends to be difficult when I'm exhausted to begin with (if that makes sense). I don't want to anger the sickness monster either!

Misty9 I must admit that I thought at about 12-14 weeks it would start tapering off, so when it didn't it become disheartening. Also my mum and maternal grandma didn't have sickness at all! Pah!

firsttimer84 fingers crossed that 16 weeks is the magic week for me as well then! One more week to go :-)

H007 Tue 19-Jul-11 14:25:24

I know how you feel... I'm now 22 weeks and it was only the other week that my OH said how nice it was having me back. He says it was like I was on deaths door for the past 3/4 months haha

LaWeasel Tue 19-Jul-11 14:29:17

To be honest - and I hope this doesn't happen to you! I was sick all the way through, not hypremis sick thank god, and it didn't stop me putting on lots of weight at the end and having an average baby.

It was a bit miserable, but you get used to it especially when the tiredness wears off a little too, and just getting on with things anyway.

It didn't put me off having number 2, and it has been completely different this time.

spritzercat Tue 19-Jul-11 18:17:00

LaWeasel I'm glad your second pregnancy has been different. I've wondered how anyone goes on to have another child but I assume it's like the birth -you forget it once the little one arrives?

H007 I'm glad you've got better. My husband is patiently waiting for his unhinged silly wife to return! Bless him -I guess it must be very confusing for the other halves who get the raw end of our exhaustion, hormones and fed upness. Although I do think we get the much shorter straw!!

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