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normal symptoms or not-early preg and gen discomfort

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feekerry Mon 18-Jul-11 20:12:46

this has prob been done to death so apologise now! I'm about 5 weeks pregnant with first. last couple of days i've quite a dull ache all over my tummy, its not severe but its quite uncomfortable. i've also got a constant sore lower back, plus i'm very bloated, stomach feels very solid, i proably look 4 months pregnant!! the thing that worries me is i have had pelvic inflamatory disease before ( was about 10 years ago) so worried about ectopic preg. i have no breast tenderness or any other pregnancy symptoms.

greenzebra Tue 19-Jul-11 09:08:19

dull aches in the tummy are normal as your uterus starts to stretch to accomadate the baby. Lower back as well.
BUt as you have an under lying issue you should go to the doctors I think as they might want to monitor you and its best to start early before your 10 week midwife meeting. Sometimes people dont get any symptoms. So I would deffinitly have a chat with your doc.

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