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Low lying placenta.

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emsies Mon 18-Jul-11 18:26:26

I had my scan this morning at 21 weeks to be told I had a low lying placenta and to come back at 35 weeks (well 36 as the clinics are every fortnight). They didn't give me any other info other than to go straight in if there was a bleed.

We're supposed to be going to france in 6 weeks.... which means I will be quite a way from the hospital!

Can anyone tell me much more about pprevia? I've googled it and apparently a lot do right themselves, but I won't know until 36 weeks and if its bad at 36 weeks they could take me in that day for a section at 38 I've just read!! I'd have real trouble finding any childcare as my husband works away during the week. I've also read there's more chance of problems if you have had a previous c section which I have. I was hoping to HBAC which is now looking rather unlikely.

I'm getting really anxious sad

Fresh01 Mon 18-Jul-11 19:22:32

I had this with DD1. My doctor told me not to worry about it as there I was nothing I could do about it and they would check again at around 36 weeks to make sure everything was ok for natural delivery as most move out of the way as you stretch. Sure enough by 36 weeks it was well out of the way and I had a natural delivery. From what I read into it most do move, it is only occasionally it is a problem and that tends to be when the placenta is fully covering the cervix rather than part of it or being to the side.

About going to France, I actually flew Australia (we lived there at time) to UK at 27 weeks and back at 29 weeks with no problem. At worst could you carry your notes with you when you are in France just on the off chance you needed to seek medical help.

hollyw Mon 18-Jul-11 19:38:52

I had the same at my 20 week scan. It moved to 2.7cm away by 32 weeks and 7cm away by 36 weeks.

With regard to France personally I would be aware of the risks (eg if you start bleeding get to a hospital) but would go assuming that no other issues had arisen. Obviously take your notes with you just in case.

Hope you get your hbac. As soon as my placenta moved they found another 'high risk issue' so my hbac doesn't look like it's going to happen sad


captainbarnacle Mon 18-Jul-11 21:04:16

Not wanting to scare you, but I too had a low lying placenta at 20w scan. I was booked for another scan to check if it had moved at 32w. It hadn't moved - it was placenta praevia. Four days later I had DC3 (2months early) by EMCS after a heavy bleed. But it apparently moves in 80% of cases - I was unlucky.

emsies Mon 18-Jul-11 21:27:17

Thanks for posting - I kind of want to be prepared even if it most do move. My scan isn't until 36 weeks so I've got rather a long time to worry!

I'll be travelling at 28 weeks I think. My friend is reasonable in french and I'll have a european card with me. I think its usually after 30 weeks things tend to bleed just from my random googling.

I was so hoping for a natural birth this time and I'm so worried it will come early. Was your little one ok?

captainbarnacle Mon 18-Jul-11 22:35:36

Yes he's fine. Very lucky. He was in special care for 19 days but did brilliantly and has been home a week now.

emsies Mon 18-Jul-11 23:08:50

Oh wow - recent then! Congratulations on his birth and on having him home smile smile smile

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