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itchy little spots around nipple....

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TeacupTempest Mon 18-Jul-11 17:08:02

....pregnancy related or something else?

Just appeared today and are quite uncomfortable.

Anyone suggest anything?

Oeisha Mon 18-Jul-11 19:36:50

How little are they? Are they weeping/whitish? If they're weeping or look like whitehead spots then I'd show you MW/GP.

How pregnant are you?
If you're in 1st trimester, and they haven't yet come up, it could be your Montgomery glads coming up and being further irritated by your bra, especially if the cupsize is now too small. I seem to have most round the outside of my areola, but some randomly dispersed too. Oh and they're uncomfy permenantly and painful if I rub them with a towel etc accidentally. Keep them cleansed twice a day with a gentle, scent free soap, and gently pat dry. If needs be use cotton wool pads over the nipples during the day. Y.ou might want to switch to non-bio for washing your clothes too if nothing else works/if you're not already..and if worried, mention it to your MW or Doc.

I'm sure someone else may have other ideas too...

Oeisha Mon 18-Jul-11 19:41:15

*glands....not glads.
Info re:
If you're not in 1st trimester/this doesn't make sense feel free to ignore...

Pastabee Mon 18-Jul-11 19:44:08

I think as oeisha said you need to mention it if the spots are not just the colour of your nipple.

Just thought I'd add that I had very itchy nipples with pinky, raised bumps for a few weeks from around week 15. It's gone now and the midwife did say it was normal when I mentioned it. The only thing that helped was a clean tea towel soaked in cold water.

Very glam lying topless on sofa with wet tea towel but really made me feel better!

TeacupTempest Mon 18-Jul-11 20:48:55

The spots are pinky...almost the same colour as my areola. Very small. One a bit weepy but that could be irritation from my bra I think......I do need to get round to getting a bigger size.

I am 19 weeks.

Will go and soak a tea towel smile

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