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Sharp pain when standing up quickly

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helgaw99 Mon 18-Jul-11 13:54:30

Hi all
I am 5 + 3. I keep getting a really sharp pulling pain very low down when I stand up quickly.
No bleeding, or pain at any other time.
Any thoughts on what this is and if everything is ok?

Bartimaeus Mon 18-Jul-11 14:14:33

I had this - it's the ligaments stretching I think.

As far as I know, nothing to worry about. You'll get all sorts of weird twinges and aches during pregnancy (something to look forward to! grin )

Just train yourself to get up slowly.

helgaw99 Mon 18-Jul-11 14:35:44

Thanks- I kind of thought it might be ligaments- but it just seems very early and quite a sharp pain- cue obvious panic!

Bloody hell- how are we ever supposed to get through these really early weeks without having a nervous breakdown- I seem to spend most of my time worrying about what could be happening!

Davinaaddict Mon 18-Jul-11 14:43:36

I'm having that too but don't remember having it first time round....thought it might have been to do with my cs last time but maybe not! confused

Hope it stops for you soon!

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