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Anyone else had/having period style pains? Is this normal BH?

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Pudding2be Mon 18-Jul-11 11:31:27

I'm 34 weeks with my first and I've been having period pains since last night. They're not painful (I usually have v painful periods) just enough for me to notice. They seem to come and go, and I have got lower backache.

I took two paracetamol last night and slept through them fine, but they have come back this morning. I'm going to go and have a warm bath (I had something similar a couple of weeks ago, and when I rang the mat unit she said to take paracetamol and have a bath).

Is this just normal BH type pains?

BTW baby is moving around just fine grin so I'm not worried

whizzyrocket Mon 18-Jul-11 11:33:50

I've only had that sort of pain when babe has been lying in an awkward position. I do get a feeling like a stitch though in my stomach muscles as they're having to stretch.

JenniL1977 Mon 18-Jul-11 12:58:18

Hey Pudding, I'm 35+5 and have been having the same since about 33wks. Just little period-type pains maybe twice a day - not severe or anything - then proper BH 3 times a day (8am, 12.30pm, 8pm) where my tummy's really tightening up round the baby; they're getting a bit uncomfortable recently and quite pins-and-needly, iyswim.
This is my first too, so not sure about the normality; am just hoping it means she's coming at 37 weeks and not making me wait to 42 smile

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