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I don't want to do the GTT tommorrow :(

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Cocoflower Mon 18-Jul-11 11:22:45

I am being made by the hospital consultant to have a GTT.

Reason? Becuase I have PCOS the risk of diabetes is greater. This is my 2nd baby and I was fine first time round.

However I had a scan & clinic on Thursday (am 28 weeks)- although baby is slightly small she is growing just fine for her own rate on the graphs and no trace fo sugar in urine.

I really dont want to do this test. The though of being starving first thing in the morning (I always feel dreadful anyway), rushing around on a school run and then being subjected to two blood tests (which I HATE) and drinking lucozade which I find disgusting.

I dont see why I need this- if there were symptoms then sure.

But why cant they do the GTT oral test for checking urine instead of more needles? Why cant they just do they finger prick test like they do in pharmacies?

Why do it at all, and make it the worst method!

Imnotaslimjim Mon 18-Jul-11 11:27:09

I think, but I'm not sure, that you can have GD diabetes without symptoms, which is why they request it if you fit certain criteria.

I did refuse to do it though - I am overweight, but fairly healthy. MW offered it, I said no. When I was booking in for ELCS, the cons showed surprise that I hadn't had it done. When I asked if it was needed she said no, it was just the norm for an overweight mum

I have no advice for you either way. The reason they can't do the finger prick is they need to see how you process sugars (hence the super sugary drink) maybe ring your MW or delivery suite and ask why its needed?

apple99 Mon 18-Jul-11 11:29:35

You can say no and in your circumstances I would say no. But obviously it is upto you to decided if you want to do it.

I can't see the reasoning if the baby is not measuring big, and no traces in urine, seems unnecessary to me.

Nobody can make you have any test if you don't want it.

Cocoflower Mon 18-Jul-11 11:31:46

Thanks- they are insisting because I have polycystic ovaries- meaning a greater risk of diabetes. I didnt do the test in my first pregnancy though.

I know I will be made to feel very guilty if I dont do it... I wouldn't mind to much if they just did oral GTT where they simply check urine and not blood. I wonder if I can request this?

Cocoflower Mon 18-Jul-11 11:33:30

Sorry x-posted apple.

I feel like I should just incase... but then I think why go through feeling so misreable unless there is a symptom. My last baby was only 6lb so I am obviously not one for making big babies either....

apple99 Mon 18-Jul-11 11:40:48

Just to add, I was asked to the test and I was measuring large for dates, I only got as far as the scan and urine and as both showed normal development and no traces on sugar the consultant agreed the gtt wasn't needed.

I don't know about polycystic ovaries but if you really don't want it I would go to the appointment and insist on having a chat with consultant or midwife and have them explain exactly why it is needed. I feel I am maybe awkward though as I hate to have anything done unless absolutely necessary.

Hope it all goes well, and don't let them make you feel uncomfortable or guilty, you are entitled to question any decision they make until you feel comfortable with it.

deemented Mon 18-Jul-11 11:41:05

Of course you can refuse it, that is your right.

But, i'd really think carefully about it. GD can be silent - you may show no symptoms, and if left untreated could have reprocussions for the baby - i.e. hypoglycemia after birth.

I didn't have GD with my first two pregnancies. I did in my third and am now a type 2 diabetic who's currently pregnant again.

Yes, i appreciate how ill you feel in the mornings, but really, IMO i'd have the test.

abbsthesnail Mon 18-Jul-11 13:46:29

I had the GTT about 2 weeks ago and was shocked at how easy it was.
My appointment was at 9 but I had to be up at 6 for work. I would usually have a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, so was dreading starving for hours after getting out of bed. I managed to stave off the hunger by having a few sips of water. When I was given the sweet drink it seemed to satisfy my appetite until I was allowed to leave.
Try not to get yourself worked up about it... Take a book or magazine to read and try not to think about the needles... The phlebotomists are usually pretty good as they do it all day every day.
Good luck, you'll be fine.

lolajane2009 Mon 18-Jul-11 15:52:45

I had my GTT two weeks ago for the same reason (PCOS) and all was fine. Had a nice orange drink but baby went potty after it, well more than normal. I only did it because it is better to be safe than sorry and I am measuring big for dates. I took a book and as soon as i was cleared to go I had a sandwich.

GetOffOfMyCloud Mon 18-Jul-11 16:19:32

I'm really sorry to hijack the thread, but could someone explain if this is the same thing as the lucozade challenge? I've got mine next week and I was told to drink a bottle of lucozade an hour before my appointment and then nothing else but they didn't mention not having anything the night before?

I just googled GTT so maybe I've got it completely wrong and back to front?


Cocoflower Mon 18-Jul-11 17:28:50

Thanks everyone, I guess I will just have to grin and bear the test after reading the advice- I suppose two hours of feeling rubbish is nothing compared to making sure baby is ok....

GetoffCloud my paperwork says nothing to eat at all after midnight. Only water to drink.

They didnt say drink lucozade before on my letter- I assumed they made you drink it after the first blood test to compare sugar levels?

Perhaps someone who has done it could tell us when we are meant to drink it?!

Jojo1983 Mon 18-Jul-11 17:33:11

I had my Gtt test a few weeks ago and they make you drink the Lucozade after the first blood test.

pirateparty Mon 18-Jul-11 17:36:41

When I had it I had to be starved from midnight, have a blood test, then drink a drink they made up then from powder (wasn't lucozade but tasted fine) and then another blood test a period of time later. It was all absolutely fine. No issue and was very pleased to be reassured I didn't have gd. I had it for being overweight.

Cocoflower Mon 18-Jul-11 17:36:45

Thanks Jojo!

Eviepoo Mon 18-Jul-11 18:41:12

Yes I had to fast from the evening before, get a blood test, drink the lucozade and another blood test. The hunger made me feel crappy, but I survived it fine smile. I have borderline GD and monitoring my levels 4x daily and managing with diet. I have control this way, so i know that as long as I am measuring my glucose and keeping it as stable as possible I am doing the best thing for my baby.

Test is up to you - but wouldn't you rather know and be able to do something about it if it's positive?

BaaBaaHerdwickSheep Mon 18-Jul-11 20:31:14

Cocoflower, are you me? Am also pg w DC2, have PCOS and have been told I must do full GTT in a couple of week's time, despite not having ever had it suggested first time round (just did the mini one). Baby measuring slightly below average - identical in fact to DC1 at the same point (he was just over 6 lbs at birth and remains a mini one). I am really not looking forward to spending the morning starving and then spending 3 hours at the hospital for the test and had been wondering the same as you. No one at any point has explained why I need to have it done or why it wasn't offered last time. Surely the mini GTT would be fine - that obviously normally works to pick up a problem????? Anyway, am just joining in to moan really. No doubt I will go along and have it done and just feel aggrieved by it.

Getoffofmycloud - there's a mini-GTT and a full GTT. From memory, you do have to fast for a few hours before the mini-GTT but not from the night before. The process itself is much quicker- you just drink the lucozade you should have been given previously in the time specified. Worth calling your midwife/team to check the details if (like me) you've lost the bit of paper that explains it all. I heard someone getting right royally told off in the waiting room recently because she'd not followed the instructions properly. The full GTT is a different test for higher risk groups and is a whole manner of faff different.

Petesmum Mon 18-Jul-11 21:15:46

Hi I'm 17 weeks and have just been diagnosed with GD for the second time sad I've had no symptoms either time and DS wasn't a big baby at all (6lb 11oz) yes the GTT is yucky, drinking lucozade on an empty stomach isn't much fun but having high blood sugar will put a strain on your baby's system and in the worst case can send baby into a coma after it's born. So as far as I can see a few hours of feeling yucky isn't a bad trade off for peace of mind. As for me, Xmas feels like a long long way off with no cake or chocolate to help me get there grin

Saffra Mon 18-Jul-11 21:49:45

I had this as my mum has type II diabetes and, in all honesty, it was nothing. Just didn't eat anything in the morning and took along a book to read while I was there. Personally, I would just do it as it's an extra screening test that could be useful, even if it feels like a waste of time. Just my own thoughts anyhow.

notlettingthefearshow Mon 18-Jul-11 23:57:59

I also have to have the GTT in a few weeks due to being overweight (first baby).

It sounds very harsh to me too, as I always eat first thing in the morning and know I will feel faint and terrible. However, I would not consider refusing the test, as it is important to diagnose for both the mother and the baby. It might be one of those things that seem worse than they are! After all, can it really be harder than childbirth?!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 19-Jul-11 09:25:46

I also had to have the GTT due to PCOS. Second pregnancy also, I didn't know I had PCOS in my first pregnancy so never had the GTT although my DD was over 9lb and this baby is measuring very big.

Test was at 28 weeks, fast from 8pm previous evening, get to hospital, take blood, drink lucozade, wait 2hours (take a book), another blood test, finished.

I was dreading it but it was really easy actually, the lucozade isn't the nicest thing to drink first thing in the morning but I managed it. IMO, if I were you OP I'd have the test just to be safe.

Results were back within 3days (From Friday to Tuesday for mine) and I got the all clear. In hindsight it was definitely not a waste of time. At least I know my babies are big for different reasons, and now I know I can eat cake without doing too much damage grin

mrsmazarib Tue 19-Jul-11 09:53:29

its no big deal really....whats a few hours without food ? its one day of your life and i am sure they are not recommending it for shits and giggles ! if you did end up with undiagnosed GB and there were problems for you and the baby wouldn't you be a wee bit pee'd off with your medical team?
sorry if i sound harsh!
best of luck xx

Cocoflower Tue 19-Jul-11 12:39:44

Hi everyone thanks for all your messages. &BaaBaaHerdwickSheep* we do sound spookily similar...

I have done the test now and it was good to get reminded WHY I was doing it by the answers on here.

However, I cannot say I found it pleasant at all...

Anyway and am happy its over and relieved its done. Praying now results come back fine....

GetOffOfMyCloud Wed 20-Jul-11 13:16:38

BaaBaaHerdwickSheep and CocoFlower, thank you, I've been off line till now so couldn't check but appreciate the answers, i think I'm just having the mini GTT then.

Good luck with your results CocoFlower

Ilovekittyelise Wed 20-Jul-11 13:33:35

your urine will not contain glucose unless your blood sugar is VERY high (i have type 1 diabetes, my urine NEVER has glucose in it).

the GTT is the best way of picking up whether you have an impaired insulin response. people with untreated GD often do not have symptoms (much like those with type 2 diabetes), besides which, the symptoms you might have (thirst, needing the loo, tiredness) are pretty much the same as being in the third trimester of pregnancy generally.

i would urge you to take the test. even mildly elevated blood sugars can cause microvascular damage. in pregnancy this manifests as early placental degradation which can result in stillbirth. i have type 1 and keep it extremely tightly controlled; despite this there is still an elevated risk. with undiagnosed high blood sugars your baby also has the potential to become very large, as all the extra glucose passes across the placenta to the baby, who produces his or her own insulin, metabolises the glucose, and stores excess as fat. this is turn increases your chances of a complicated delivery. someone may feel perfectly fine and well unhealthy, but these issues could be developing.

this isnt something you want to be messing around with, please get the test, which hopefully will come back clear and you have nothing to worry about, worst case scenario, you get diagnosed, are watched carefully, and precautions are taken to make sure the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery are safe.

Petesmum Thu 21-Jul-11 13:31:04

I was diagnosed with GD 10 days ago. Apart from having sore fingers (taking tiny blood samples 7x a day) I haven't had to change my diet too much. Breakfast is my problem meal but I'm trying different cereals, yoghurts & fruit with help from the dietician. At only 17 weeks preg, my due date feels a long way off but I'd do much more than this to keep my baby healthy grin

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