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What stage of your pregnancy did you start buying baby stuff?

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Snowgirl1 Mon 18-Jul-11 11:20:36

I'm 17 +3 - due on 24 December. I'm not sure when to start buying baby stuff. I know that things could still go wrong, so am wary of buying stuff too soon. But on the other hand, I don't want to leave it all until the 8th month and have all the cost of baby stuff right on top of Christmas presents. What stuff did you buy first and when??

Renaissance227 Mon 18-Jul-11 11:24:44

I started buying little bits at a time, like clothes and blankets, at 14 weeks and then at 20 weeks we started buying the big stuff but made sure they could be stored ready to be picked up much later and money could be returned in the event of something going wrong.
Definitely start buying little bits now to spread the cost otherwise it will all come at once, which would be horrible!!!
I bought my first pack of nappies in Boots after joining their Baby Club because you get a free changing bag and then lots of extra points if you have a card!
Enjoy buying all the tiny, cute stuff and congratulations smile

apple99 Mon 18-Jul-11 11:33:49

This is my 2nd pregnancy and we found out at 20 weeks that we are having another girl so we had a lot of stuff already. We only started buying new bits at about 30 weeks after I had sorted through all the bags of clothes, blankets etc we already had.

Have to say though that with the sales being on I have probably bought more than needed as it is all so cute and I can't resist. Seems mean not to get some new bits as dd1 was spoilt rotten so I feel no.2 should be too!!

NRGless Mon 18-Jul-11 11:37:49

Unfortunately things can go wrong at any point of the pregnancy (not a nice thing to think about, I'm sorry) so it's more about personal choice I think. If you feel comfortable buying then do so grin

MissMI5 Mon 18-Jul-11 12:03:54

I am 26 weeks pregnant and already have a drawer full of baby clothes... that friends and family have been buying us! I have bought a few cute outfits from Mothercare at the week end because they were all half price. We also bought the buggy because it was on sale, we really wanted this travel system but as it was really expensive (£400) we had to leave it, when it became available for £190 we couldn't resist and bought it! I don't think i would have bought anything until 30 weeks, but again you have to start at some point i guess and if you find good bargains well i would say go for it! it certainly helped me to start getting organised and again it's good to spend a little bit every month as opposed to all at once! good luck!

benne81 Mon 18-Jul-11 12:11:04

Hi I'm 30 weeks and beginning to panic that haven't really got anything ready yet. I have bought the pram and cot (which is being delivered tomorrow) and thats about it. I'm going to concentrate my effort this weekend in trying to sort it all out and have a massive online shop. We have both saved up the money needed over the last few months so it is waiting in the bank account to be spent but I just didn't want to tempt fate too much.

ShowOfHands Mon 18-Jul-11 12:16:42

I bought a babygro online and that was about it. And not till quite late on in the pregnancy. I borrowed and was given clothes, a pram and some slings. Right before dd was due I bought some reusable nappies. That was it tbh.

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